As much as I think in putting organic things in my body, gum is whereby I allow myself bend the rule a tiny bit. The net says the it reduce stress, boosts cognitive function, boosts digestion, stays clear of tooth decay, and more. If the web may not be the most reliable source, it"s enough justification for me! If you"re grounding on which brand you must spend the big bucks on, below are the ideal brands of gum, ranked from ideal to worst.

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1.) Trident Layers


theimpulsivebuy ~ above Flickr

I had to different Trident Layers native Trident because let"s it is in honest, those layers really collection these piece of gum apart from the rest. Two flavors in one bite? correctly please. 

2.) Trident

Trident"s spices last the longest, period. No debate. Trident has actually this exceptional bubbly texture that doesn"t disintegrate in her mouth choose some other brands. Ns don"t invest my money ~ above gum just to have actually to obtain a new piece after ~ ten minutes! Trident is a classic.

3.) 5


theimpulsivebuy on Flickr

Five gum take away the cake on the most an imaginative names, and also most creative flavors. When it can not last quite as long as Trident, you"ll definitely be able to find a flavor come please her palate. 

4.) Extra

Gotta it is in honest, Extra"s non-mint seasonings are type of trash. If you"re trying to find a lot of standard mint alternatives however, Extra deserve to do the job. Simply make sure you rotate your mint flavors; eating the exact same one day in day out can acquire tiring. 

5.) Orbit

When you very first pop a piece of orbit in your mouth, you can be convinced that Orbit is the brand because that you. Their initial odor is hard to beat. However, after around 15 minute the flavor starts come fade, and also the gum it s okay a small chalky. However hey, good things don"t always last long.

6.) Stride

Stride has had actually it"s moments in the gum world, like once they came out through a cake patch flavor. After ~ a couple of piece though, the at sight artificial-ness i do not care a little bit overwhelming. Stride"s okay when you"re in desperate require of gum, however if Trident"s available, you understand which one I"ll be choosing.

7.) Eclipse

Despite exactly how cute these photos are, Eclipse is quite underwhelming. According to Google, the typical solar eclipse lasts about 7.5 minutes, which is around how lengthy each piece of gum lasts. 

8.) Mentos

Mento"s gum, originally just a liquid company, tastes favor what lock are an excellent at making: candy. The little filled capsules room delightful on the very first chew. Sadly, the yummy flavors just don"t last. If you"re in the mood because that candy the you can"t swallow, Mento"s is for you. 

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