Types of bandages:

Crepe bandages – used for sprains, fractures & pressure bandage.Conforming bandages – provided for stop dressings in place.

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How to use a roller bandage:

With the tail that the bandage, location it over the limb and also roll up and also continue to unwind the bandage end the limb.Overlap the bandage every time.Secure the bandage end with ice or tuck the finish into the bandage.Check the color of the skin ~ bandaging. Loosen bandage if discolouration has developed or the lossc complains of boosted pain due to the fact that of the bandage.When applying the bandage, questioning the accident if the bandage is also tight. Examine the extremities for colour & warmth.

How to wrinkles a triangular bandage:

Triangular bandages are used for slings, pads or bandaging.

Fold the triangular bandage in half, and this provides a wide fold bandage.Fold the triangular bandage in half again and also this is called a narrow fold bandage.

Slings are used for:

Supporting an injured arm or wrist.Immobilising fractures.Elevating to control external bleeding.

What can be offered as a sling?


How to use an upper Arm sling:

This sling is supplied for injuries come the upper arm, including the collarbone, shoulder or ribs, add second narrow bandage.

Position the arm throughout the body v the hand near the the opposite shoulder.Place the triangular bandage under the arm v the apex at the elbow.Fold the lower half of the bandage end the arm.Twist the bandage firmly at the elbow and bring the twisted bandage roughly the back.Twist the bandage around the hand and over the uninjured shoulder and tie the ends with each other using a reef node on opposite next of the injury and place a pad under the knot.Check the bandaged eight for circulation.

How to apply a reduced Arm sling:

This sling is provided for injuries to the lower arm, consisting of the wrist and also hand.Place the arm across the chest and slightly raised.Place the triangular bandage in between the arm and also the body v theapex pointing in the direction of the hurt elbow.Bring the lower fifty percent of the bandage up and over the hurt arm.Tie the ends together with a reef node on the uninjured next & ar a pad under the knot.Tape, tie or pin at the elbow.Check the injured arm for circulation.Ensure the arm is no sloping downwards together this will rise swelling and pressure.

How to use a Collar and Cuff sling:

This sling have the right to be offered for dislocated shoulder, fractured ribs, or a fracture that the upper arm.

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Make a clove hitch (dp) making use of a narrow fold bandage.Put the loops over the wrist the the hurt arm.Gently elevate the injured arm versus the casualty’s chest.Tie the bandage end together around the neck ~ above the uninjured side using a reef knot, place a pad under the knot.For extra support apply a wide bandage listed below the fracture site over the arm & approximately the body.