The four Pevensie children find themselves transported earlier to Narnia to help the battle of Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) against his corrupt uncle, King Miraz (Sergio Castellitto). Once again, brand-new Zealand is mixed with eastern Europe to carry out the landscapes that the an excellent country, despite this time there’s much more of Europe.

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Sets were developed at the famed Barrandov Studios, in the Prague suburb the Hlubocepy, consisting of the ‘Dancing Lawn’ (where Caspian meets the varied Narnian creatures) and the interior of Aslan"s ‘How’ (the hollow mound containing the broken stone table).

Founded ago in 1933, the Barrandov Studios have additionally hosted filming because that Oscar-winner Amadeus, Brian De Palma’s Mission: Impossible, the 2006 Bond film Casino Royale and The Bourne Identity.

Director Andrew Adamson additionally opted to have actually King Miraz’s imposing castle collection built outdoors at Barrandov, emotion he’d perhaps relied a small too lot on digital setups for The Lion, The Witch and also The Wardrobe.

Although the Telmarines, progeny of pirates, are given a distinctly Spanish vibe, the architecture of the castle is based on the Château de Pierrefonds, about 50 miles northeast that Paris in France.

Pierrefonds chin is no stranger to big and tiny screens, having showed up in the 1998 version of The male in the steel Mask, v Leonardo DiCaprio, Les Visiteurs, Luc Besson’s Joan of Arc, and additionally as ‘Camelot’ in the famous BBC TV series Merlin.


The Chronicles the Narnia: Prince Caspian film location: the enntrance gate to "Strand underground Station": 17.listopadu, Prague

The city the Prague stands in for wartime ‘London’, through Ulice 17.listopadu alongside the Rudolfinum transformed into ‘Whitehall’ by the digital enhancement of Nelson’s obelisk in the background. Taking liberties through geography, the eastern elevation that the Rudolfinum itself came to be the entrance to ‘Strand’ underground station. The concert hall’s an ext familiar southerly frontage was viewed as a ‘London’ society in The league Of especially Gentlemen and also as the exterior the the chateaus Theatre in rob Cohen"s XXX.

There’s no wardrobe this time around, so the youngsters are transported to Narnia native the tube station platform, as the curve of the tunnel morphs into the organic rock arch the Cathedral Cove, close to Hahei ~ above the east side that the Coromandel Peninsula on new Zealand’s north Island.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian film location: the Pevensies arrive in Narnia: Cathedral Cove, north Island, brand-new Zealand | Photograph: wikimedia / Mike Bordignon

A couple of miles to the south of Hahei, the damages of ‘Cair Paravel’ were built on the tip of the Hereherataura Peninsula, turn off Orchard Road, southern of the car Pare Reserve.

Paradise, which was seen in the previous film, shows up again together the children are later chased through Telmarines, yet other brand-new Zealand locations are quite inaccessible uneven you have accessibility to a helicopter. The riverside, whereby the children rescue Trumpkin (Peter Dinklage) who’s around to it is in thrown into the water, is the Moeraki flow Inlet, Westland top top the southern Island.

The rest of the movie is shot in the Czech Republic, just over the border in Poland and also further southern to Slovenia.


The Chronicles the Narnia: Prince Caspian film location: shed in the forest: Errant Rocks, Gory Stolowe national Park, Poland | Photograph: wikimedia / Przykuta

Stubbornly refusing to admit he’s lost, Peter Pevensie (William Moseley) leads the group through a strange woodland littered v with ominous absent formations. These are Bledne Skaly (Errant Rocks), a collection of that gorges, crevices, tiny caves and mushroom rocks sculpted by erosion in Poland"s Góry Stolowe nationwide Park.

It’s only simply over the border native the Czech Republic and, if you’re visiting, you can want to continue to be as the cast and crew did in ~ Kudowa Zdrój, among the oldest health and wellness resorts in Poland, v a background dating back to the 17th century.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian film location: Lucy drops into the gorge: Kamienczyk Waterfall, Szklarska Poreba, Poland | Photograph: wikimedia / JDavid

About ten mile northwest, still just inside the polishing border, is Karkonoski national Park, a famous tourist point out in the lower Silesia region. It’s here that Lucy (Georgie Henley), encouraged she’s seen Aslan, falls into the gorge and also discovers the path that leads them come Prince Caspian’s army. This is the Kamienczyk Gorge, a little over a mile southwest the Szklarska Poreba, v which gushes the Kamienczyk Waterfall, the highest drops in the the Karkonosze Mountains.

Conveniently, the 19-room Hostel Kamienczyk stands alongside the falls.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie location: the Telmarines in ~ the ‘Beruna Bridge’: Soca Valley, Bovec, Slovenia | Photograph: wikimedia / Florian Jesse

One European place quite a street away indigenous the rather is ‘Beruna Bridge’, where the Telmarines develop their war machine but are eventually routed through the fearsome river God. This was built on the flow Soca in the Soca valley at Bovec, a tiny town on the leaf of Triglav national Park in northwest Slovenia, wherein the mountains administer a surprisingly an excellent match because that the peaks of brand-new Zealand. The Soca to be temporarily diverted to permit the structure of the bridge – which, through the way, was based on one built by Julius Caesar to overcome the Rhine. However you most likely recognised that, didn’t you?

The enntrance gate to Aslan’s How, in former of i m sorry the great battle against the Telmarines is fought, was built in the countryside a pair of mile north of Ústí nad Labem, in the north of the Czech Republic, near to the German border (and not much from locations used in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe).

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Only the very first level the the good mound was built. The upper ar is CGI but, surprisingly, a big hole was actually dug in the ar to enable the planet to collapse beneath the feet the the Telmarine army. The site was naturally revived to its initial state afterwards.