Starring Natalie Portman and also Ashton Kutcher, ‘No Strings Attached’ is a romantic–comedy movie the centers upon 2 friends, Emma Kurtzman and also Adam Franklin, who an initial met every other during a summer camp numerous years earlier but in spite of running into one an additional several time because then, always ended up losing contact. However, after a personal crisis hits Adam emotionally, that tries to resolve it by gaining drunk and trying come hook up (something that goes horribly wrong) with his acquaintances.

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However, much to his surprise, he eventually has sex v Emma, and the two friends decide to begin a no-strings-attached sexual partnership with each various other unbeknownst come its emotionally complexities. Ever due to the fact that its release, the blockbuster movie has actually garnered fans around the world, which might naturally wonder about the film’s shooting locations. In case you are additionally curious around the same, we have you covered.

No Strings fastened Filming Locations

The Ivan Reitman directorial to be filmed extensively in California. The production in the western united state state commenced in might 2010 through a budget of $25 million. Although that received blended reviews indigenous critics, the film was a commercial success and also grossed a worldwide box office arsenal of $149.2 million. Now, the shooting because that the movie to be done in several locations anywhere California. Here’s room the particular filming details!

Los Angeles, California

The major photography that Natalie Portman-starrer movie to be done in Los Angeles. The frat party in which Adam and Emma accidentally meet after a te is situated at 2218 south Harvard Boulevard in West Adams District. They have breakfast in the retro coffee shop home of Pies located at 1869 North vermouth Avenue in Los Feliz.


The scene in which Adam is shown working ~ above a high school musical number was filmed in ~ Paramount Studios located at 5515 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood. Adam asks Emma out on a day in the department of transport at 100 main Street. The miniature golf course wherein they goof around is actually Sherman Oaks castle Park in ~ 4989 Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.


In Westwood, the historic commercial district, the Christmas party to be filmed in ~ W Hotel in ~ 930 Hilgard Avenue, when the exterior shots that the hospital were taken at UCLA Medical facility at 10833 Le Conte Avenue. The scene where the pair has dinner through Adam’s father was shot at a restaurant called STK located at 755 phibìc La Cienega Boulevard.


The sidewalk restaurant from wherein Adam calls Emma is in reality Toast bakery-cafe located at 8221 West 3rd Street. Adam professes his love because that Emma in ~ the Los Angeles county Museum of arts at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard in Hancock Park. The scene in i beg your pardon Adam is going because that their date was filmed in ~ 6000 block of Wilshire.


The wedding the Emma’s sisters is held at a will which is actually an event venue named Bel-Air bay Club situated at 16801 Pacific coastline Highway in Pacific Palisades. In the City the Angels, the movie was additionally filmed at 2249 south Hobart Boulevard, Wilshire Blvd and Merv Griffin Way, Disney Concert hall (135 North grand Avenue), and the department of Water & Power structure (111 North expect Street).

Other places in California

The bar own by Wallace, Adam’s friend, is in reality a restaurant named Akasha Restaurant situated at 9543 Culver Boulevard in Culver City in Los Angeles County. The home of Adam’s dad is actually a beautiful residential property situated in ~ 1146 Tower roadway in Beverly Hills. The initial summer camp scenes were shot in ~ Disney’s golden Oak Ranch in ~ 19802 Placerita Canyon roadway in Newhall, while the funeral scene was shot at mountain View Cemetery, which is situated at 2400 same Oaks avenue in Altadena.

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Emma’s family members home actually a Pasadena residence at 445 possibility Boulevard. A portion of the filming was also done in Burton chase Park in Marina Del Rey. The wedding of Emma’s sisters is hosted at a resort which is actually an occasion venue called Bel-Air bay Club located at 16801 Pacific coastline Highway in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. When they go to the wedding the Emma’s sister, the couple actually drives to 1260 Channel journey in Santa Barbara and enter The 4 Seasons Resort.