Can you record Staryu in platinum?

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum, Staryu have the right to be captured with a supervisor Rod at Canalave City and also Sunyshore City.

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What is the ideal level to evolve Staryu?

Usually the ideal move between an evolution and the vault is the last move it can learn before evolving. Counts on what moves you want Starmie to have. For circumstances if you want a Starmie v Power Gem you’d wait until level 43, teach Staryu strength Gem then evolve it.

Where have the right to I uncover Staryu?

Staryu deserve to be found at the very bottom of the s on the seafloors. There are times, however, as soon as Staryu finds itself in rivers the lead into the ocean as watched in Pokémon Snap. In the past, Camouflage to be its signature move.

How carry out you gain a supervisor rod in Pokemon Platinum?

You can uncover the at sight Rod after ~ beating the elite Four and also getting the national Dex. Once you speak to the sailor near Snowpoint’s pier, he’ll ask if you want to go to a brand-new place. Once you reach the fight Area, there will be a Fisherman close to the enntrance gate to course 225 (Top).

What have the right to old rod catch?

A an essential item that is offered to record mostly Magikarp and Tentacool, but Goldeen and also other little fish can likewise be record using an Old Rod.

Can you record Feebas through a good rod in platinum?

It yes, really doesn’t matter which rod friend use. Feebas will have a 50% appearance price no issue what.

What is the finest rod in Pokemon?

Old Rod: The Old pole is the an initial fishing rod you frequently come across. You have the right to usually only catch Magikarp v it. An excellent Rod: The good Rod allows you to catch more common and uncommon type Pokemon when fishing. At sight Rod: The super Rod allows you to capture all the Pokemon that have the right to be found in that area if fishing.

Can you record Carvanha through an old Rod?

Carvanha have the right to be captured with the an excellent Rod or at sight Rod in ORAS. It have the right to be recorded on path 118 and 119.

Can you capture Barboach v an old Rod?

Well come answer the key question: no. Just a an excellent Rod or a at sight Rod.

What have the right to you capture with old pole Emerald?

The Old stick can record Feebas, yet it likewise hooks Magikarp and also Tentacool, the super Rod yet only hooks Carvanha, because of this making the odds of recording Feebas in the proper tile over 95%.

Can you catch Shellder v old Rod?

Shellder deserve to be recorded in Pokémon Y at route 8 by utilizing the an excellent Rod.

How execute you use an old Rod?

Use that by any type of body that water to fish because that wild aquatic Pokémon. An old and also beat-up fishing rod. Use it at any kind of body the water to fish because that wild aquatic Pokémon.

Can you capture a Poliwag with an old Rod?

Poliwag have the right to be captured on courses 14, 15, 16, 19, and 21, in Laverre City, Frost Cavern, Couriway Town, Pokémon Village, and Victory roadway using the Old Rod.

Where have the right to I gain a an excellent rod?

Fuschia City

Is great or at sight Rod better?

Fishing rods each fishing rod permits the player come encounter different Pokémon. The great Rod normally enables encountering higher level Pokémon than the Old Rod, and also the super Rod normally allows encountering greater level Pokémon 보다 the great Rod.

What have the right to you catch with a supervisor rod in Pixelmon?

The Pokémon that have the right to be caught depend on the biology that the player is in. A super Rod has a 11000 chance of gift dropped by a Fisherman and also it is also possible to fish increase a super Rod native a great Rod….Pokémon.

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Ultra Rare

How perform you capture a at sight rod in Pokemon Emerald?

You need to press A the minute it claims that a Pokemon has actually bitten your lure. Make certain you press A specifically once as soon as it states “Oh! A bite!” pushing A a bunch of time or pressing A once it doesn’t speak “Oh! A bite!” will make the Pokemon get away.

Where is the old pole in platinum?


DPPtJubilife City (from the Fisherman in the door to path 218)
HGSSRoute 32 (from the Fisherman in the Pokémon Center)
XYAmbrette city (from the Fisherman in the Ambrette Aquarium)
ORASDewford city (from the Fisherman on the eastern side that the Gym)

Where is the an excellent rod in platinum?


DPPtRoute 209 (from the Fisherman near the Hearthome City gate)
HGSSOlivine City (from the Fisherman in the home north that the Pokémon Center)
XYCoumarine City (from a Fisherman at the marina)
ORASRoute 118 (from a Fisherman ~ above the eastern shore)

What move does Garchomp discover platinum?

Moves learnt by level up