It states I should work on mine gardening skills to improve my work-related performance in ~ my job, but I can't find in items in "buy mode" that enhance my gardening skill.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just acquired the video game today.


There aren't item in the buy mode. You can take any type of food items that would certainly be growable (apple, grape, onion, etc.), or any type of seeds and also click it in your inventory and then pick "Plant". You build gardening ability by act garden actions: watering, fertilizing, weeding, etc. Here's a an excellent starting guide.

To piggyback off this, you can likewise get the an initial supply that plants/veg from taking a class in Gardening at the science facility.

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You can buy seed at the grocery save or find them about town, then click on the particle in her inventory to acquire an alternative to tree it. Also, if you have your sim check out the gardening skill book until they acquire to level one, part seeds will automatically appear in their inventory and you have the right to plant those. When the seeds thrive you can click the plants to water and tend come them.

To include to what's currently been said: you start out only able to plant a few different options, such as lettuce, tomatoes, and apple trees. V each level more fruits and also veggies become available to you. So if you click a fruit/veggie/seed and the alternative to plant doesn't come up/is greyed out, the just way your gardening skill is not high sufficient yet. If you have seasons you space going to want to buy planters to flourish things indoors; plants will certainly hibernate/become dormant/non-interactive once the in game temperature drops throughout the fall. No seasons, then you can thrive plants all the time outside!

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Don't forget, once you get started v gardening skill, you deserve to watch "Got Garden?" on most t.v.'s!

In enhancement to what /u/thunder75 and /u/followthefeather have actually said, you'll additionally get some seeds inserted in your inventory as soon as you learn the gardening skill. So, you could send your sim to the library and also have them review a gardening publication to knife the first level the the skill. (Or purchase the book from the book store, but if you're going to spend money you could buy some create from the gorcery store and plant that.)

Depending top top the city you're play in, you could have to modify the town, and place the ideal bookshelves in the library for ability books. Http://