From the same world that carry us the R4i yellow 3DS card currently comes the newest R4i yellow 3DS PLUS. The is a DS mode card with a integrated switch to make it totally compatible for ntrboothax.

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New update on January17, 2020 the R4i gold 3DS Plus map is completely compatible through the 3DS / 2DS systems version 11.13.0 and also DSI 1.4.5

One of our most progressed cards ever before designed for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and 3DS systems. That brings through it a twin processor chip allowing even faster firmware to update and much better compatibility through all games, apps and also media player functions. The R4i gold 3DS card has long to be the favourite flash map for every Nintendo DS, DSi and now 3DS owners. Make it easy for you to carry a slew the features and functions to the really best handheld console of all time. Even if it is you want to rotate your Nintendo DS, DSi or 3DS into a completely functioning multimedia player, or want to obtain your hand on few of the most an excellent homebrew and indie game and also applications, the R4 3DS twin Core can do it all ... And also more.

If you"re one old-school video game addict like we are, climate this is the card for you! with emulators for all of the top standard gaming systems and computers, you"ll have the ability to relive the gaming job of yesterday through playing some of your favourite standard games appropriate on her Nintendo 3DS system. With emulators because that the NES, at sight NES, Genesis, Mega Drive and dozens of other old standard systems, you"ll never run the end of gamings to play.

Just imagine enjoying her Nintendo 3DS game, and also then deciding that you wanted to catch up top top that publication you"ve been reading. V the R4i gold 3DS Plus girlfriend can. It has several amazing ebook readers, both totally free to download and use, that will revolve your Nintendo 3DS right into a full ebook reader. If digital comics are much more your thing, climate this card has you extended too ... You have the right to read all of the recent digital comics and digital version of your magazines appropriate on her 3DS.

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Good card and also fair price

Posted by Ted Rova on sixth Jul 2021

Good card and fair price for this well-known gold card.


Posted through Andrew B. On 2nd Jul 2021

I to be happy v my purchase and the assist from the staff here. Thank you for completely explaining everything and also helping me get the right firmware because that my card.

Worth it at twice the price.

Posted by Robert Hui ~ above 28th Jun 2021

I execute not think that i have ever before said the I acquired so much an ext for my money 보다 I expected but that is precisely it this time. This card would certainly be a great buy at 2 or even 3 times the price. Mine 3DS XL is really happy and also so to be I.

Happy with all

Posted through Williammen on second Jun 2020

Very happy with the cards and also the store. Thank you.

Best card ns have ever before used

Posted by Sandra Ruh on 2nd Jun 2020

I have had a couple of cards in the past and had concerns with many of lock on my DS. This map is the ideal card ns have ever used. Supervisor happy i picked this one up.

Thank friend from Sweden!

Posted by Craig T. On first Jun 2020

Good suffer with her store and also package arrived quickly. Say thanks to you indigenous Sweden


Posted by Arturo top top 19th may 2020

Gracias por toda su ayuda para elegir la tarjeta correcta. Estoy satisfecho con el r4


Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2020

Can this be offered on ds liteANSWER: certain it have the right to be used on the DS Lite. It is 100% compatible with the DS Lite, DS and also all 3DS and also 2DS variations as well.


Posted through Unknown top top 11th Nov 2019

does it have actually a customizable menu/interface?ANSWER: Yes, the most absolutely does.

I make the efforts 2 other cards and also this is the best.

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Posted through Dieter on 10th Nov 2019

I have actually tried 2 various other cards in the past. One part time back and recently a cheap on from ebay. The turned the end the cheap one from ebay was a cheap fake map that would certainly not even boot up, and the seller refuse the replace. This was the map others recommended and also now I understand why. If you are in search of an R4i climate look no further.