Tour the Victorian world of Anne of green Gables with Cadron Creek’s Where the Brook and also River Meet! By Margie Gray

Named one that the 100 best products for 2009 by TOS Crew Reviews!

From the useful to the poetic, wherein the Brook and also River accomplish takes student on a journey through the victorian Era and the world of ann of environment-friendly Gables.

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Through varied, thought-provoking activities that stimulate interest and inquiry, lock will check out the events and thinking that the time. Combining aspects of the classic education of Anne’s day—dictation, recitation, memorization, essay writing—with the interdisciplinary technique of today—use of primary documents, filed trips, hands-on projects—this study will difficulty students to reflect on the historical issues of the victorian day as well as the an individual challenges of cultivation up.

While complying with the lively, imaginative Anne right into young womanhood, students will be brought about look at their very own journey into maturity. From discussions of self-acceptance, appearance, friendship, and also romance, they will move past to reflect on character-building questions. What go it take to be a great friends? What have to be the topic of our conversations? What are the results of unforgivingness? For, in ~ the love of this examine is the author’s desire to check out young women grow into the grace of womanhood and the fruitfulness that the Lord.

Author Margie Gray supplies the wisdom in Montgomery’s publication as a springboard come teaching past knowledge:

“Before beginning Where the Brook and River Meet, i asked myself what I desire to teach my children?’ The answers come as I started writing—I want to prepare my daughters for singleness or married life; to teach them just how to be godly wives and also mothers; to aid them learn marketable skills; and, over all, I desire to nurture them in the expertise of the Lord. The is what Marilla want for Anne and also what she set about doing in ann of environment-friendly Gables."”

Every facet of Where the Brook and River Meet is draft to enhance learning. Thorough lesson plans, subject headings, activity icons, informational appendices, and much more guide the student and instructor with the range of learning experiences. The scholarly tasks of reading, research, and writing space well balanced with many hands-on worked out like flower pounding, print making, and drawing. Dialogue-based reading understanding questions and also other discussion-type activities build communication between parent and also child.

This interdisciplinary curriculum is designed mostly for high school students. That is a full academic year routine which consists a number of subject areas: literature, history, writing, grammar, good arts, society studies, Bible, religion, work education, and health. Students will be exposed to many elements of these topics including: the opera and visual arts of the period; literary works from many eras; poetry appreciation; a woman’s function in society; details on the nature, prevention, and also care the diseases; the perspective of business to the sick and also injured as well as the much less fortunate. In keeping with the spirit of the victorian age, a one-year food in Latin is suggested. Different mathematics and laboratory science programs must be included to round of the curriculum.

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You and also your students will certainly be challenged by the clear call to higher standards this study sets forth.