Loading a muzzleloader is far more facility than loading a modern rifle. The best means to find out is under the supervision that an skilled muzzleloader shooter. NMLRA field representatives and also charter club members are obtainable to help brand-new shooters learn about their muzzleloaders.

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Making certain the Muzzleloader Is Empty

Never attempt to load and also fire a muzzleloader for the an initial time without an proficient muzzleloader shooter present. Before you load, make sure your firearm is unloaded.

When identify if a muzzleloader is empty, never blow under the barrel, and never cap and also fire the gun. Instead, follow these steps.

Point the muzzle in a for sure direction, and put the security on if you have actually one. Alternatively, use among these options.Flintlock Firearm: placed the hammer in the down place with the frizzen open.Percussion Lock Firearm: placed the hammer in the half-cock position with a difficult faucet washer end the nipple.Run a range rod down the bore until it stops, and mark the clues on the rod where the pole is flush through the muzzle.Remove the range rod indigenous the bore, and also measure follow me the outside of the barrel to check out if the rod tip reaches the area described below for her firearm.Flintlock Firearm: The touch hole, or flash hole, located on the side wherein the ignition spark get the chargePercussion Lock Firearm: The drum area, situated on the next of the breechIn-line Firearm: The breech plugYou have to be familiar sufficient with her firearm to know if there is a cavity in the breech plug the will permit powder in between the stick tip and also the flash hole.If there is a cavity, inspect to watch if it is filled with powder. Insert a .22-caliber ramrod, made of brass or other non-ferrous metal, into the bore till it stops.Remove the rod, and also measure follow me the external of the barrel to see if the rod tip reaches the flash hole of the breech plug. If the rod reaches the flash hole, the muzzleloader is empty and has no projectile or flour in the barrel.If a projectile or powder is inside the barrel, usage a CO2 discharger to clear the barrel. Climate reinsert the variety rod into the barrel come make sure the projectile and all powder have actually been removed.After girlfriend are certain the firearm is empty, insert the range rod ago into the barrel. Do a permanent “unloaded” or “empty” note on the rod at the spot whereby the rod exits the muzzle. You now have the right to use this mark to verify whether the barrel is empty whenever the range rod is inserted.


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