harry Potter: 10 questions We tho Have about The typical Rooms even if it is its Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffendor, we have big questions about Hogwarts" typical Rooms, where students invest a the majority of time.

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The Hogwarts" typical Rooms space the ultimate clubhouse because that each of the four dwellings at the number one school for witchcraft and also wizardry. Even if it is you"re sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, there"s a location for you come crash (maybe study) and have funny on school grounds.

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It"s especially fun due to the fact that apparently, there"s no continuous adult supervision. But that"s a little bit concerning, especially with the hazard magic clearly poses to minors. It certainly raises some inquiries that were never ever answered in the books about the area whereby students invest a good deal of your time. We might now recognize where the Hufflepuff usual Room is and also what it looks like, but questions remain.

Every harry Potter fan knows the surname of the four founders that Hogwarts: Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, and Salazar Slytherin. Fans have actually heard the story of the co-founder coming with each other to type a institution to educate young wizards and, that course, they"ve heard around how each founder favored a specific kind of student and also thus the homes were born. But, aside from making the chamber of Secrets, it"s unclear if the co-founder each separately were in fee of developing the typical rooms that would home their favored students. The picture of Salazar Slytherin picking the end furniture because that the Slytherin"s dungeon home is amusing, though.

even if residence founders may not have picked the furnishings because that their usual rooms, go they have a speak in their locations? go Hufflepuff purposefully placed her college student on the same hall together the kitchens? did Slytherin choose the dungeons so that his protegees can be together close come the chamber of tricks as possible? maybe they had to pick everything spaces were left over after classrooms to be chosen, yet it"s never clear and we"re all left come wonder.

The Slytherin typical Room is under the lake and the Hufflepuff typical Room is downstairs close to the kitchens. So, it is assumed that the Hufflepuff common Room has small windows, and the Slytherin common Room has actually aquarium viewing. But does this average that castle don"t get enough light? What happens to the herbal circadian rhythms of students in the home of green and also the home of yellow? Is there distinct magic present in your two common spaces to store everyone on point and to avoid seasonal affective disorder?

7 Why Don"t Inter-House friends Visit One Another?

Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom In The bother Potter Films
The books and also films obviously emphasis on home friendships. From Harry, Ron, and Hermione, to Hannah Abbott and also Ernie Macmillan, and Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle, the most important friendships in terms of storylines space within their own Houses.

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But as the books and films progress, Luna Lovegood the Ravenclaw spends most of her time through Gryffindors prefer Ginny and also Neville. This can"t it is in the just example. Deserve to friends indigenous other homes visit one another outside of course time? can they visit the common rooms through their friends?

If friends have the right to visit one an additional in their typical rooms, how would lock go about it? Is it feasible to knock? do they set up a time to meet in the library and walk over together? carry out they maybe share passwords for this reason they deserve to slip in at any time they require a shoulder to skinny on? It"s possible, at least if you"re not a member of Ravenclaw house. However is over there a spell versus it? Is over there something choose anti-cheating quills that have the right to keep residences safe indigenous those that aren"t members? aside from Professor McGonagall, we never ever see one more house member do it into another Common Room there is no the help of a home member.

5 deserve to The Rooms Expand?

In Harry"s year, there are five boys and also three girl in Gryffindor. In James Potter"s year, there seems to only be four Gryffindor boys. It doesn"t look choose every Hogwarts class is the exact same size every solitary year. So, can the towers and basements initially designed to residence them adjust to accommodate their needs? choose the Room that Requirement, can the magical usual Rooms change so they can hold every member that the house they represent? Every so frequently everyone is called to the common room (like when new rules are enforced in the Chamber that Secrets) so they have actually to have the ability to hold a particular minimum number at every times.

This is much more of a question for the Sorting Hat 보다 for anyone else, but do common rooms have actually a best capacity? even if it is or no they can flourish larger or smaller depending on student number in a year, what if, say, best after the fight of Hogwarts, every single very first year is sorted into Gryffindor? Is there a opportunity that there could ever be much more students 보다 a solitary common room have the right to handle? and also would the Sorting hat take the into consideration when sorting college student in a offered year?

3 How regularly Do Ravenclaws obtain Locked Out?

Fans have actually seen Neville get locked out of the Gryffindor usual Room since he forgot the password, however what about Houses the don"t have passwords? Ravenclaws have the right to only get into their common room by answering a riddle. While Ravenclaw is supposed to it is in the wisest residence there have to be times once a few students couldn"t come up with the ideal answer to acquire them inside. It renders you wonder if plenty of Ravenclaws have actually been forced to invest the night in the hallway of Ravenclaw Tower and also if the riddles are ever before too simple or as well vague.

For part strange reason, bathrooms play a very huge role in plenty of of the harry Potter books. From fighting a troll first year to finding the chamber of Secrets second year, and sorting the end the gold egg in the fourth year, there space a many bathroom scenes at Hogwarts.

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What is never disputed are home bathrooms, and also where residence members deserve to shower, brush your teeth, etc, when they go into their very own House"s common space. Are they simply off the usual rooms, attached to separation, personal, instance rooms, or an completely separate mutual space?

1 What happens In Emergencies?

We"ve currently discussed the lack of adult supervision within the house dormitories themselves, but what about in emergencies? The just relevant emergency we gain to watch in the books is the break-in of Sirius Black, whereby McGonagall gathers anyone in the Gryffindor common Room. However what around Flitwick? that would need to answer a riddle before being able to speak come Ravenclaws about an emergency? and what happens if the emergency has a head of a House, can other faculty or staff enter a common room because that a particular cause?

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