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Hi ya fellow charger loversjust wonderin whats up with my battery in mine trunk, those it for? because i"ve obtained one under mine hood as well. I obtained the 06 charger sxtthanks for the help

You only have actually 1 battery, that is located in the trunk. Under her hood you have a power circulation block v a terminal because that jumpstarts and also such.

ahh say thanks to you kindly, i dont not recognize much around my car but expect to know more as ns dont plan to own any kind of other type of car than a charger



Looks prefer OKCharger answered her question. Store poking approximately here ~ above the forumz and you will never ever stop discovering something new.:TU:
The battery place is a safety feature so you do not acquire battery acid all over the computer system an together under the hood in a front end collision. That is something carried over from German engineering, kinda like our transmissions
Yeah having the battery in the stems is a quite addition, espceially for as soon as ppl desire to execute custom systems, lock dont need to run more cables come the engine compartment. Its much better access in the trunk...
Pretty sure it was a safety feature, yet it is easy access for everyone hooking up their trunk through some electronics.

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Yep, simply look roughly the Z and also you will find enormous amount of infos on the Charger. Right here in Tahiti the dealership recognize pretty much nothing about the Charger and I bust them numerous times questioning them questions. I finish to abandon and just go to the Z where I can uncover pretty much every infos i need!
Just FYI, the battery is in the tribe for weight distribution. Granted that isn"t much, but that was the reason. Lol
It"s also good for corrosion resistance. Anybody who has ever seen a positive terminal spanned in the blue cheese looking ingredient knows what i"m talk about. Granted this can still occur on the terminals increase front, but the battery is protected from humidity much far better in the back.
Just FYI, the battery is in the trunk for weight distribution. Granted the isn"t much, but that to be the reason. Lol
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