In an age of hologram reincarnation, Robin Williams chose to limit the usage of his likeness for 25... <+> years after his death (Photo credit: ARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

When beloved actor Robin Williams passed away in august 2014, he left behind a $100 million estate--and a potential happiness inimagelicensing. But a i filed in a trust covenant made windy this yearmeans his likenesswon\"t do money for decades to come.

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Williams, best-known for movies such together Mrs. Doubtfire and also Good Morning, Vietnam, filed a deedtoput a border on the usage of his likeness because that 25 year after his death. This stays clear of his name, photograph, voice or signature indigenous being offered in any film, advertising or endorsement till 2039--and boundaries his future earnings.

The manors of entertainers featured on our list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities room able to charge upwards the $500,000 for the use of their picture in advertisements, v raredealsclimbing right into the 7 figures. Some,such as James Dean and also Bettie Page, alsoearn royalties from garments sold v their name attached. Busy cultural iconsincluding Dean and also Page tally up a variety of licensing dealswhich customs their posthumous paydaysinto the numerous millions.

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by restricting the exploitation of his ideal of publicity, Williams, who died by suicide aged 63, has actually ensured no one cannot profit from his untimely death--at the very least not yet.

\"Itcould it is in he walk not want to view his picture overly exploited after ~ his death,\" said note Roesler, chairman and also CEO in ~ CMG Worldwide, a licensing house for personalities. \"That\"s a personal decision celebrities make.\"

Roesler, that is not linked with the Williams estate, noted that Williams go authorize several provides of his image during his life, showing up in Snickers and also Legend the Zelda advertisements, amongst others.

Regardless oflicensing choices made if living, Hollywood stars favor Williams havebecomeincreasingly conscious of picture use after death.Developments in CGI and visual effectstechnology typical that studios and also enterprising manors can manipulate the likeness the entertainers(through advertisements,holograms, or las Vegas shows) to ensure their businesses live forever. Furious 7,for example, supplied a combination of archival footage, visual effects and also body-doubles to recreate Paul Walker, who passed away in 2013 prior to the movie had concluded filming. Replete through a lengthy homage to Walker, the movie walk on come gross $1.5 exchange rate this year, making it the fifth-highest grossing movie of every time. (Walker\"s legacy isthought to have got a modest $10 million native that, estimates.)

Williamscouldalso have minimal his image asa smart taxation move, Roesler says. In the wake of Jackson\"s legacy tax challenges (the IRS claimed theestate owes end $700 million based partly on the value of his likeness and also intellectual property), celebrities seems to have becomemore cautious around how your image can be valued. Butthe Williams deed confirmed that the gibbs had currently chosen to leave the civil liberties to his name, signature, image and likeness come his Windfall Foundation, do it exempt from taxation.

\"I don\"t understand it in his estate since he was leaving his image to charity,\" said Laura Zwicker, an attorney at Greenberg Glusker that counsels high network worth family members on estate planning. Zwicker agreedthat if Williams were leaving his picture to household members or another taxable distribution, placinga limit on the use ofit could\"depress its value for estate tax purposes.\"

The clause also ensured that have to the Windfall foundation not qualify for the charity deductible every IRS regulations, the trustee shoulddistribute benefits from Williams\"right of publicity to acharitable company with a comparable purpose.

\"You\"ve already removed the taxes by offering the rights to charity,\" Zwicker explained. \"I could see doing it because that privacy reasons.\"

Whatever the motivation forWilliams to border his image, you can guarantee his hologramwon\"t be joining Jackson or page on a Vegas stage anytime soon. And for fans of the actor, that would fairly remember his smiling challenge than battles through depression, the is most likely an immortal gift.

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