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Richards Surname surname Meaning, Origin, History, & EtymologyThis renowned Celtic Welsh or Cornish last name is a patronymic or baptismal surname deriving from the personal (first) surname Richard. It originally was an English lock that came there native mainland Europe during and also after the Norman occupation of 1066 AD. In England, the family very first established itself in Yorkshire where they hosted seat (land and also titles) at Hatfield together Lords of the Manor that Ricard (or Rycard. There was likewise a tiny branch that the household tree that loved top top the Isle of Wight. That was thought to be an old Germanic surname that precedes the 600s AD. The derives native the indigenous ric and also hard, literally meaning or translating come “powerful ruler”, a surname apt come spread throughout medieval Europe, Christendom, and also the divine Roman realm in the middle Ages, almost certainly popularized through King Richard ns of England, the most legendary Crusader the his job (known as Couer de Leon).

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Spelling VariationsSome assignment variants or name with comparable etymologies include Richard (English), Ritchard, Ricard (French), Rickard, Rickards, Richardson, Richardt, and also Rickaert (Flemish).

Popularity & geographical DistributionThe last surname Richards ranking 215th in popularity in the United condition as of the 2000 Census. The surname ranks an especially high in the adhering to three states: Maine, Utah, and West Virginia.

The surname Richards frequency/commonness ranking as complies with in the brother Isles: England (72nd), Scotland (339th), Wales (20th), Ireland (1,169th) and Northern Ireland (795th). In England, the ranks greatest in ar Cornwall. In Scotland, the castle ranks greatest in Peeblesshire. In Wales, it ranks highest in counties Glamorganshire and Carmarthenshire. In Ireland, the ranks highest possible in county Wexford. In northern Ireland, the ranks greatest in county Down.

The surname is likewise present transparent the remainder English speak world: Canada (58th), brand-new Zealand (3,164th), Australia (2,289th), and South Africa (2,109th). Henry Brougham Guppy’s 1890 publication Homes of household Names in great Britain claims the adhering to in regard to this last name: “Not discovered in the phibìc of England past Notts, and also rare or absent in the east coastline counties, in both of which areas its location is offered by Richardson. For this reason restricted, it is greatly crowded right into the western fifty percent of England, and is very common additionally in Wales. Its good centres are in Cornwall, Wales, and Monmouthshire.”

Early Bearers the the SurnameSome that the earliest recorded bearers to be Nicol Richard (Basle, Switzerand in 1260 AD), Richardus Richardi (Pfullingen, Germany, in 1273 AD), cutting board Richard (Oxfordshire, England in 1276 AD), and Thomas Richardes (Worcester, England in 1327 AD).

George Fraser black’s book, The Surnames the Scotland, additionally provides some beforehand instances including:a) Thome filius Ricardi had a charter that the barony of Symundestone in the sheriffdom of Lanark indigenous Robert I, circa 1315-1321 AD.b) Laurence filius Ricerdi to be a tenant of the earl that Douglas in Louchurde in 1376 ADc) In 1359 Murdac Richardesson, Scottish merchant, and others, complained that their vessel was captured and also sunk through the English throughout a truce

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Richards household Tree & Richards GenealogyThe adhering to is a conversation of six different noble, royal, landed, or aristocratic family members bearing this last name.

Solsborough Housecredit:

Richards of SolsboroughThe ancestors of this branch of the Richards household had established itself in counties Kent and South Hampton approximately the end of the 1400s AD. John Richards live at Subinton, ar Southampton throughout the reign of King James I and married Constance, daughter the Ralph Fawkner and Margaret Disney, and had the following issue with her: John, Thomas, Solomon, and also Henry. His boy Solomon Richards was an Esquire who married Anne, daughter of john Curle of Brixton in the Isle of Wight, and had the following children with her: Solomon, John, Eleanor, Anne, and Elizabeth. He was prospered by his eldest son, also named Solomon. This Solomon was an Esquire the Solsborough, ar Wexford, as well as a Colonel that the 17th Regiment. That married Rhoda, daughter the Samuel Wilson that London, and also had a daughter with her called Rhoda that married william Mercer in 1674. The secondly married Abigail, daughter of Henry Goddard of Deptford and also Chatham, and had concern with her, including: 1) Solomon, 2) John, 3) Goddard, and 4) Michael (Captain in his father’s regiment, Brigadier-General in the army). The was succeeded by Goddard Richards, one Esquire that Solsborough, that was born in 1661. In 1684, that married Dorothea, daughter of wilhelm Jacob the Sigginstown, and had four sons with her: John, Jacob, Goddard, and also Jonathan. The was prospered by his child John. This man Richards to be an Esquire of Solsborough and High Sheriff in 1728. The married Katherine, daughter that Reverend william Burtenwood, Rector that Edermine, and also had the following problem with her: Solomon, Goddard (ancestor that the Richards of Grange), Edward (of Enniscorthy, married Judith Bowers, had actually daughter called Katherine who married Arthur Thomas), john (of Askinvillar), and Elizabeth (married wilhelm Stephens of Ferns). He passed away in 1749 and also was prospered by his eldest kid Solomon. This Solomon Richards was an Esquire the Solsborough and also High Sheriff that Wexford in 1753. That married Francis, daughter of urban Vigors that Ballyconnick, and also had kids with him together follows: Solomon (his heir), william (married Louisa, daughter the Colonel George Rawson of Belmont, had actually sons called William Vigors and also George Rawson), Edward, Frances (married Matthew De Rinzy that Clobeman, ar Wexford), and Katherine (in 1781, married Nicholas Aylward Vigors that Old Leighlin). He was succeeded by his kid Solomon. This Solomon to be born in 1765 and also was High Sheriff. In 1784, he married Martha, daughter that Francis Gorman that Ballynahessan, county Meath, Ireland, and also had the following youngsters with her: 1) Solomon (his heir), 2) Bartholomew Vigors, 3) Captain Edward the the royal Navy (married mary Anne, daughter of Rev. Walter Blake Kirwan, and had worry named Captain Edwin, Captain Frederick William, Solomon, urban Vigors, Julia, Maude, Sophia, Louisa, ann Vigors, and Frances), 4) wilhelm Gorman, 5) Francis, 6) Sophia (married Mathew O’Brien the Newcastle), 7) Francis (married Reverend man Howard Gorges), 8) Martha (married Reverend Henry Barnes), and also 9) Katherine (married Reverend Richard Fayle). He later on married Martha, daughter the Colonel George Rawson the Belmont, and had two much more issue: George Rawson and also Maria. He died in 1822 and also was flourished by his earliest son, Solomon. This Solomon Richards was an Esquire of Solsborough to be born in 1787 and was a High Sheriff in 1818. That later entered holy orders and became Rector of Clone, ar Wexford, Ireland. In 1814, the married Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel thomas Bermingham Daly Henry Sewell of Athenry and Harriett Beresford, and had the following children with you: Solomon, william Beresford (County Inspector royal Irish Constabulary), Lieutenant john (Esquire of brand-new Ross, had problem named Alfred Beresford, Roland, and also William James Napper), Harriet (married Richard Howard Gorges), Bessie (married william Donowvan the Tomnalossett), Isabella, and also Louisa Martha (married Richard Archibald Gorges, Captain the the Royal naval Artillery). He died in 1866 and was thrived by his eldest kid Solomon. Solomon Richards to be an Esquire the Solsborough, ar Wexford, and also a justice of the Peace and a Colonel in the army who to be born in 1817. The is the senior co-heir that Lady Elizabeth Bermingham, eldest daughter and senior co-heir the Thomas, 22nd mr Athenry and Earl that Louth. The Richards coat of arms is blazoned in the middle ages European arts of heraldry as follows: Sable, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis argent. Crest: A griffin’s head erased argent. Motto: Honore et amore. They were seated in ~ Solsborough, Enniscorthy, county Wexford.

Grange House, Wexford – erected by Goddard Richards (1717-1795)credit:

Richards the GrangeThe lineage or pedigree that this branch the the Richards family members tree starts with Goddard Richards, an Esquire the Grange that was born in 1715, the child of john Richards that Solsborough, and also was bequeathed Grange and also other estates in county Wexford through John. In 1756, the married Anne, daughter of Nicholas Hewetson, and had the following problem with her: 1) man (his successor), 2) Solomon (ancestor of the Richards of Ardamine), 3) Goddard (of Bath, born 1764, married ann Houghton, had concern named Goddard Henry, Reverend William, mar Anne, Elizabeth, Ellen, Maria, Charlotte, Virginia and also Julia), 4) William, 5) Nicholas, 6) Edward (served in the 55th Regiment), 7) Robert Heweston (married Matilda Garnett of environment-friendly Hills, had concern named wilhelm Henry, Major-General Robert, Annie Matilda, and also Mary Anne), 8) Henry, 9) ann (married Richard Donovan that Ballymore), 10) sarah (married Richard wilhelm Tighe the Wicklow), 11) Katherine mrs (married Revered Robert Alexander of new Ross), 12) Elizabeth (married Richard Colles), 13), Elizabeth (married Richard Colles), 14) Wilhelmina (married Reverend Walter Blake Kirwan), and also 15) Letitia. He died in 1795 and also was succeeded by his eldest son, John. This son was Reverend john Richards of the Grange, that was born in 1757. In 1796, that married Elizabeth, daughter of sir Joshua Paul, the 1st Baronet of Paulville, and also had the following children with her: Goddard Hewetson (his successor), sarah Elizabeth, ann Dorothea, Elizabeth (married cope Garnett the Rhos-y-gar), Katherine Wilhelmina, Dorothea Elizabeth, and Ellen Susan Gertrude (married man Herbert Opren of Stephen’s Green). He died in 1827 and also was flourished by his just son Goddard. Goddard Hewetson Richards was an Esquire of Grange and Pembroke Street, Dublin, and a Barrister-at-Law, that was born in 1798. In 1823, he married Dorothea, daughter that Edward Moore, Esquire the Mooresfort, county Tipperary, v whom he had actually the adhering to children: john Francis (Justice the the Peace) and also Edward Moore. Edward Richards Moore to be an Esquire that Grange born in county Wexford in 1826. He succeeded his brothers in 1860. That married buy it Elizabeth, daughter of william Tisdall of Virginia, US, through whom he had three children: man Evelyn, Adela Elizabeth, and also Dora. The Richards coat of eight is blazoned in heraldry together follows: very same as Richards of Solsborough, v a crescent because that difference. They to be seated in ~ Grange, close to Killanne, ar Wexford, Ireland.

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Richards that ArdamineThe Richards family tree of this branch begins with Solomon Richards, one Esquire of York Street, Dublin, the child of Goddard Richards of the Grange, and grandson of john Richards Solsborough. He was a popular surgeon and also was a member the the imperial Irish Academy and Royal Dublin Society. The procured the legacy of Roebuck in Dublin from lord Trimleston, Ardamine in Wexford from Baronet Sir thomas Roberts, and other lands native Abel Ram, Esq. The married Elizabeth, daughter that Reverend Edward Groome, v whom he had actually the complying with children: 1) john Goddard (his successor), 2) Reverend Edward (Rector the Clonallon, married Emily Saurin, had worry named Edward, James Saurin, Reverend Lewis, Henry Goddard, wilhelm Saurin, Charles Frederick, and Anne Catherine), 3) Solomon (of Ounavarra, righteousness of the Peace, married Katherine Wynne and later Florence Moore), 4) Elizabeth, and also Mary ann (married Reverend Henry Wynne, Rector the Ardcolm). He died in 1819 and also was prospered by his eldest son, John. John Goddard Richards was an Esquire the Ardamine and Roebuck, and also a Barrister-at-Law, justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant, and High Sheriff who was born in 1794. In 1821, the married ann Catherine, daughter of Robert Ward, with whom he had the complying with issue: 1) Solomon Augustus (his heir), 2) Reverend Robert Edward (Principal that Gloucester and also Bristol training College), 3) william Hamilton (Lieutenant Colonel 55th Regiment, married Margaret Isabella Lawrence, had children named Hamiltom MacDonald, Charles de Clare, and John Goddard), 4) Louisa Elizabeth (married George Maconchy that Rathmore), 5) Mary anne (married Samuel Johnson the Janeville), and 6) Emily Sophia (married Reverend Philip Walter Doyne, Vicar of Monart). He died in 1846 and also was thrived by his eldest son, Solomon. His Solomon August was an Esquire that Ardamine and Roebuck, righteousness of the Peace, High Sheriff, and Captain the the Wexford Militia who was born in 1828. In 1856, the married Sophia Mordaunt, daughter of Reverend Bernard man Ward, and had three issue with her: Bernard john Goddard, Arthur wilhelm Mordaunt, and Francis Augustus. Bernard man Goddard Richards was an Esquire of Ardamine, county Wexford, and Roebuck, county Dublin, as well as a sublieutenant Wexford Militia and also Justice the the Peace, who was born in 1857. The household crest was the very same as Richards of Solsborough, through a mullet for difference. They to be seated in ~ Ardamine, Gorey, ar Wexford, and also Roebuck House, Donnybrook, county Dublin, in Ireland.