who knows. All i know is matty b is so cute ns wish i could date him i saw a pic that him in ~ my doc with my doc his surname is doc chandler

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I don"t know however right now I"m in tears due to the fact that I don"t know I wish I might meet that my surname is jourdyn ns live in hicksville on Wedgwood ar
I don"t know why pepole saying matty b lives In astrallia or Florida he stays in Atlanta Georgia and he is ether 10 or 11 in 2014 :)
Mattyb lives in Atlanta, Georgia and also I am no a stalker. I understand this due to the fact that I went on his website .
I referred to as his phone and it claimed rejected and also I looked in ~ the ares code and it said Trinidad,CA. Is that where he lives!! His phone number is 1- (707) 232-7372But he will certainly not price it will certainly say rejected!
mattyb i like you i have had actually a good question where do you live and also can ns be in one of your videos some day the is my job plz tell me love aleigha
Hi mattyB I understand you don"t recognize me but my surname is bianca and I love your raping did you recognize I to be a to sing you live in California so talk talk latter bye native bianca
Hi Mattyb i was wondering if her coming to Montreal and also I prefer you a lot and also I wish we could date in real life and I choose all your vedios and do you have a girl friend please add me in instagrame my surname is Natasha in actual life and also I have your call number my surname in instagrame is:Natasha_papigatukk if you wanna include me love you xoxox
To prize your concern Matty B resides in Atlanta Georgia, phibìc AmericaIf this is not valuable i to be sorry
My girlfriend told me the he resides at 61 elm roadway in bedfont and knowing she shes most likely telling the truth
I have no idea here MattyB lives however all I know is the he was born in Georgia...same place as me!!!!
You girls room the factor why ours generation is F***** up. Every you thirsty girls just want his Abs and His looks. Walk drink part milk. That cares where he lives. Let that live his Life without thirsty girls drooling end him or stalking him. You guys need some significant help. Gain a Grip.
Hi my name is Deborah i desire to be makeing music favor i love make music have the right to you help me just how i deserve to make music please
i lov her music and also the haschak sisters music and also jojo siwa music i love makeing music have the right to you make me to make music i love music so lot i love you together a friend have the right to we be girlfriend please and can i have actually your call number



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