A inquiry we gain quite frequently is “Where execute organic farmers market their crops?”. Most conventional farmers offer their grain to a regional elevator that has room or the right price to offer their grain. However, essential farmers offer to various buyers approximately the an ar & even across the country. At Mikkonen Organic, ours grains space trucked or hauled via train automobile to a number of different places. Our current sales have had us shipping seed to brand-new York, brand-new Mexico, Oregon and also Iowa. But, many grain goes come Minnesotaand north Dakota. Favor conventional farmers, nevertheless of exactly how close or how far away our serial is sold, we rarely know or satisfy the end buyer that procedures it because that a perfect food. However, this year us were honored v an exception to that dominion with Red’s all Natural.

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The filming

After numerous conference calls preparing and talking about the who, what, when, where, why and how every this would transpire, the day was collection and the travel arrangements were made. The videographers to be from Storyfarm, a professional video production crew indigenous Baltimore, MD. A representative from our grain buyer that marketed our bean to Red’s, healthy and balanced Food Ingredients, otherwise well-known as HFI, came to also get footage and ensure all went well. And of course, Red’s all Natural, based in Nashville, TN came bringing some good tasting burritos for united state to try.

We invested a day and also a half looking in ~ the finest settings, paris drones, filming, & saying cheese. We also laughed, ate, exchanged stories & shared experiences. In answering the questions during filming, us thought around what we do and how we do it. The was great introspection for us. We were reminded about why us farm and why we love it.

Storyfarm team members Andrew, Beau & Louis, unloaded a lot of equipment and prepared come film.
HFI employee member Tara Froemming takes some photos of Lonny, Rory, Mariah and also Jayden Mikkonen out in a black color turtle bean field.

The results

It to be a great experience acquiring to know civilization from another family owned company. It’s an respect to be entrusted to grow food for their products. We don’t usually see the finish product of our grains, choose our wheat that becomes bread, other than in our own kitchens. We emphasis so much on soil fertility, chop planning, plowing, planting, cultivating, harvesting, devices maintenance, loading trucks and all the goes through farm management, it have the right to be easy to forget, we thrive food because that people. It was a an excellent experience because that our farm. It was also good to be reminded that us really are doing our small part to aid feed the world.

We expect you appreciated the video learning a little more about Mikkonen Organic and also Red’s All herbal Burritos. We appreciated showing this specific example of whereby organic farmers offer their crops. A big thank you come Storyfarm, HFI & Red’s every Natural. The interview inquiries made united state really think and emphasized exactly how much we appreciate what we do.

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P.S. If you have actually a question about anything regarding our farm, let us know. We’ll one of two people answer it directly or if it’s a concern we obtain from others, perhaps you’ll watch the question(s) answered together a future blog post. Thank you because that spending a bit of her day v us.