Fullmetal Alchemist: Father's Grand Plan, Explained Fullmetal Alchemist"s dangerous schemer had grand plans for himself but he needed the right minions to make his dream possible.

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Every shonen anime series needs a good villain, and some of them are true masters of deceit and cunning. Father, the homunculus and archvillain in Fullmetal Alchemist, didn"t dare make a single move until he formulated a perfect master plan in his mind. That plan involved becoming a god that could hold all of creation in his hand.

Given his humble and mysterious origins, there was no doubt that he was frustrated with his pitiful lot in life. He even rid himself of all sinful temptations to focus on his mission, and he would have succeeded... if it weren"t for those meddling Elric kids.

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Father"s plan began centuries ago in a desert nation known as Xerxes. He first appeared as a fist-sized ball of black energy in a glass flask and, one day, he was alone in a room with Slave #23. This was the "dwarf in the flask," and it chose this slave as its first minion. The slave was, naturally, frustrated with his lot in life and wanted something more. The creature promised to teach him alchemy, and even gave him a name: Van Hohenheim.

Hohenheim learned much and spoke for the dwarf in the Xerxes royal court. The king wanted eternal life, and the dwarf told him to have a huge transmutation circle dug around the entire city-state. Once that was done, the king made a blood offering, as did Hohenheim, and the process began. Except it was a trick: all Xerxian people were sacrificed to grant the dwarf new powers and a new body, and Hohenheim received half of it as thanks. But this was just the start.

Fullmetal Alchemist Amestris Circle
The nation of Amestris was soon founded, and its entire history was soaked in blood and war. Every few decades, Amestris grew as it attacked its neighbors in massive battles, including putting down revolts. The battles took place in the vital points of a massive transmutation circle across the land.

One of the more recent examples was the Ishval Civil War, which Father himself instigated. He had created his seven homunculi minions by now, and the shapeshifting Envy set off the Civil War. Many people died, all to fuel Father"s plan. A few years after that, the massacre at the Ft. Briggs border was the final piece of the circle, and the homunculus Sloth finally finished digging a massive underground tunnel for the transmutation circle.

Father also needed to sacrifice several people who had opened the Gate of Truth, which included the Elric brothers, Izumi Curtis and Roy Mustang. This allowed Father to unlock the full potential of alchemy and he finally ascended into a new state. He opened a massive door in the ground and emerged as a dark titan covered in eyes during the Promised Day. He shed his old body (which resembled Hohenheim"s) and assumed a younger appearance. As an all-powerful being he could even create miniature suns in his hand.

But all this fell apart when the entire world rallied against him. Father"s personal barrier was worn down, and Edward Elric personally beat him senseless. When Father"s body wore out, he was teleported to the Truth in his original, tiny body. He was then punished and dragged off to another realm entirely, never to be seen again.

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Father started with nothing and schemed to have it all. But in so doing, he violated the natural way and ended up back where he started; this time, with an eternity to contemplate it.