While the starter solenoid is the little cylindrical component, i beg your pardon acts as a switch that connects and disconnects the starter motor assembly to the battery.

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If you want to know around the starter motor parts and function. This page is for you.

On this an effective page, you room going to find out the starter solenoid parts and their features with considerable detail.

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2. Starter Solenoid:
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2.2. The role Of The Starter Solenoid:
2.3. Starter Solenoid building
2.4. How Starter Solenoid works
3. Parts of Starter Solenid
3.1. 1. Starter Solenoid Pull-In and also Hold-In Winding:
3.1.1. Exactly how Starter Solenoid Pull-In and Hold-In Winding works
3.1.2. Function Of Starter Solenoid Pull-In and Hold-In Winding
3.2. 2. Starter Solenoid Plunger
3.2.1. Function Of The Starter Solenoid Plunger
3.3. 3. Starter Solenoid Fork lever
3.3.1. Construction Of The Starter Solenoid Fork lever
3.3.2. Function Of The Starter Solenoid Fork bar
3.3.3. Functioning of Starter Solenoid Fork lever
3.4. 4. Starter Solenoid lid
3.4.1. The duty Of Starter Solenoid lid
3.5. 5. Starter Solenoid Return feather
3.5.1. Role Of the Starter Solenoid Return spring
3.6. 6. Starter Solenoid contact Plate
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Starter Solenoid:

Starter motor Solenoid Assembly

A starter solenoid or starter solenoid switch, is a cylindrical component provided to activate and deactivate the starter engine assembly.

It is an electromagnetic switch that connects and also disconnects the battery come the starter motor.

Starter Solenoid and Motor Assembly

the is a little cylinder bolted on top of the starter motor assembly.

A starter motor takes large energy. It spend a lot of power come work, for this reason, it demands a bigger switch to control it and that’s why a solenoid is used.

A solenoid is a huge switch, provided to turn ON and also OFF the starter motor assembly.

The rule behind the solenoid is that a tiny current is offered to rotate on a larger current. 

It acts as a enlarge relay the controls a heavy-duty circuit. 

Although, periodically there is an additional relay because that the solenoid in the fuse crate to increase the existing demand for the starter solenoid.

But, the starter solenoid even acts together a enlarge relay for the starter motor assembly to accomplish the high existing demand.

This is an InfoThe principle behind the solenoid is the a small current is used to rotate on a enlarge current. 
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The function Of The Starter Solenoid:

The starter solenoid serves the following 5 functions:

Acts as a relay the creates a heavy-duty path.Pushes the pinion gear forward.Holds the pinion gear involved with flywheel teeth.Retract the pinion gear earlier from the flywheel after ~ starting.Quickly turns ON and also Off the starter engine to avoid damage.

Starter Solenoid construction


A starter solenoid consists of a movable rod dubbed a plunger v a bar fork, 2 heavy-duty copper contact, a return spring, and also two windings pull-in and also hold-in windings.

Starter Solenoid Terminals

It also has 3 terminals, one little terminal and two thicker, at the back of the solenoid cap. 

The small terminal is because that its very own control, you can speak to it the “S” terminal, which means “Signal”. The ignition move signals the “S” terminal because that activating the solenoid.

The staying two terminals are thicker and also larger in i m sorry one terminal is the intake terminal the the positive battery power source. 

The 2nd terminal is the output terminal and also goes on to attach to the starter motor assembly. 

How Starter Solenoid Works


The functioning principle that the solenoid is based upon using the small current to switch ON a bigger current.

When the driver transforms the crucial to the begin position, the existing starts to circulation via slim cable from the ignition move to the fuse, come the starter relay, and finally to the ignition move “S” terminal that the solenoid. 

The ignition switch “S” terminal is linked with two types of windings pull-in and also hold-in windings in the solenoid.

When the current flows to these windings, it create electromagnetism the pulls the plunger inside the windings.

This plunger is when pulled, two features happen in ~ the exact same time. One is the plunger moves forward the pinion gear by lever fork to mesh with the engine flywheel ring gear.

The second role is, it closes two hefty contacts existing at the other finish of the plunger which functions as a bridge, and connects the battery come the starter motor assembly.

These two hefty closed contacts allow the present to flow from the solenoid to the starter engine assembly.

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As a result, the starter engine assembly begins to rotate and also this rotation is then transferred to the engine flywheel by pinion gear.