The distance between the lowest and highest tones a voice or instrument can produce is called __________.
When notating music for others to read, composers traditionally have used ____________ words to indicate dynamics.

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When the string player causes small pitch fluctuations by rocking the left hand while pressing the string down, it is called __________.

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The _________ has strings that are plucked by a set of plastic, leather, or quill wedges.
The _______________ has many sets of pipes controlled from several keyboards, including a pedal keyboard.
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The Italian dynamic markings traditionally used to indicate very soft, soft, and very loud are respectively ______________.
If a flute player were to play a solo without any other accompaniment, the texture would be __________.
In musical notation, pitches are written on a set of five horizontal lines called a ______________.
Many conductors use a thin stick called a ________ to beat time and indicate pulse and tempo.
When two or more melodic lines of equal interest are performed simultaneously, the texture is ___________.
Modulation refers to _____________________.
A virtuoso is a performer who has ____________________.
The earliest chant manuscripts show ______________.
Gregorian Chant is named after Pope Gregory I, who _____________.
Monophonic chant appears ___________.
In Francesoco Landini’s BEHOLD SPRING, the two voices are similar, yet _____________.
_____________ are to music as periods are to verbal expression, indicating the end of a unit of thought.
Guillaume de Machaut’s MESSE DE NOSTRE DAME is ____________.
Heterophony is when _________.
How do we know that drums were central to many instrumental ensembles in the Middle Ages?
A type of opera singing that lies somewhere between singing and speaking is called _________.
The main keyboard instruments of the Baroque period were the organ and the _____________.
Dido and Aeneas, which many consider to be the finest opera ever written to an English text, was composed by ________.
A baroque musical composition usually expresses ______________ within the same movement.
Foreign-language opera should probably not be sung in English for all of the following reasons EXCEPT _____________.
Chamber music was _____________.
_____________ refers to a vocal line that imitates the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of speech.
The word movement in music normally refers to __________.

The ______________ is the person who beats time, indicates expression, cues in musicians, and controls the balance among instruments and voices.
The two giants of baroque composition were George Frideric Handel and ___________.
A large-scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists, and orchestra, usually set to a narrative biblical text, is called ______.
The term “program music” refers to a(n) ____________.
An __________ is an orchestral composition performed before the curtain rises on a dramatic work.
The castrati ____________.
An ____________ is a play, set to music, sung to orchestral accompaniment, with scenery, costumes, and action.
The oratorio ___________.
Haydn was fortunate in having a long and fruitful as well as financially stable, relationship with the noble Hungarian family of ____________.
The classical string quartet is a musical composition for __________.
Classicism, as a stylistic period in western art music, roughly encompassed the years ________. <1750-1800>
Theme-and-variations form may be schematically outlined as __________.

A brilliant solo section in a concerto designed to display the performer’s virtuosity is called _________.

The minuet and trio movement of a classical symphony, string quartet, or other work, is in _______________ form.
The musical heir of Haydn and Mozart, Beethoven bridged the ________ and ________ periods.
The usual order of movements in a classical symphony is __________.
Sonata form consists of four main sections: exposition, development, _________ and coda
The first movement of a Classical Era string quartet usually __________.
The kind of phrase structure with antecedent and consequent units is called the ___________ structure.
In Mozart’s THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, which role is the “pants role,” meaning a male role played by a female?
The deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer’s own homeland is known as ______.
A slow, lyrical, intimate composition for piano, associated with evening and night time, is the _______.
Instrumental music associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene, popular during the romantic period, is called _______.
Clara Schumann frequently performed the works of her husband and of her close friend ________.
A study piece, designed to help a performer master specific technical difficulties, is known as ________.
The mood of an art song is often set by a brief piano introduction and summed up at the end by a piano section called a _______.
Which of the following composers is NOT associated with the romantic period?
The course of Brahm’s artistic and personal life was shaped by the influence of the composer ________.
The contrasting episodes of Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony are unified by the recurrence of a theme known as the _____.
Romanticism, as a stylistic period in western art music, encompassed the years _________. <1820-1900>
Drawing creative inspiration from cultures of lands foreign to the composer is known as ____________.
Mimi and Rodolfo meet for the first time in La Bohème because she has come to his door to ask for a ________.
Which of the following is movement 4 of Berlioz’s SYMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE
“Scat singing,” which Louis Armstrong introduced into jazz, is _______.
Minimalist music is characterized by _____.

When a voice is answered by an instrument, or when one instrument (or group of instruments) is answered by a chorus, the pattern is referred to as _________.
An eerily expressive kind of declamation midway between song and speech, introduced during the expressionist period, is __________.
A scale made up of six different notes each a whole step away from the next is called a _________ scale and has NO half steps.
Impressionism in music is characterized by ___________.

The most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris in 1913 at the first performance of ______.
Based on what you’ve listened to and studied, music in the early twentieth century was a time of _____.
The deliberate evocation of primitive power through insistent rhythms and percussive sounds is known as ______.
The most famous blues singer of the 1920’s, known as the “empress of blues,” was ______.
The term impressionist derived from a critic’s derogatory reaction to Impression: Sunrise, a painting by ______.
The Renaissance maybe described as an age of ______.
The Renaissance was an age of growing confidence in _______.
In Josquin’s “The Cricket” when the text sings about drinking ____.

What is the name for the equal-voice texture that results from Renaissance counter point?
In “The Cricket” Josquin uses catchy clever themes to evoke the ______.
The term “a capella” ________.
William Byrd gave the following reasons for learning to sing except ______.
The Renaissance motet is a ________.
The Renaissance madrigal is a_________.
Renaissance composers devoted special attention to __________.
The women that are recorded singing William Byrd’s “Sing Joyfully” are using very little vibrato _____.
MUSIC APPRECIATION FINAL!. (2017, Dec 08). Retrieved from


MUSIC APPRECIATION FINAL!. (2017, Dec 08). Retrieved from

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