Charmed: 10 best Leo & Piper Moments here are 10 moments that display why Leo & Piper were the series" ultimate OTP

there were plenty of relationships ~ above Charmed, yet there was just one the holds a special location in fans" hearts: the romance between Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) & Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie-Combs). The relationship between the Whitelighter and also witch proved to it is in the show"s most successful, through fans instantly getting behind the forbidden romance once it started in season 1.

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Piper and also Leo verified to it is in the show"s key OTP, battling demons, Elders and also other love understand to it is in together. Castle did ultimately get the opportunity to retire indigenous the Wiccan life however faced a most trials and also tribulations to acquire there. From their first kiss come them conference their enlarge selves, here are the 10 ideal Leo and also Piper moments.

This episode marked the beginning of their love story, together Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Piper combated for Leo"s affections. When he was first introduced come the show, the sister believed Leo was a straightforward handyman; they would often call him to routinely repair the fixtures at the manor.

Piper and also Leo"s feelings because that one one more came to light after Prue (Shannen Doherty) casts a truth spell. Piper asks even if it is he considers her much more than a friend prior to making the first move. Leo and Piper then share their an initial kiss and also make your relationship official in the next episode.

Piper discovered out the truth about Leo in the worst feasible way. In the episode "Love Hurts", Leo is fatally wounded and also goes come the sister for help. The asks them to track under his charge and also protect she from her demonic lover. However, lock are likewise racing versus time to discover Leo a cure.

Throughout the episode, Piper refuses to leaving Leo"s side together his wellness deteriorates. She decides to use a power-switching spell therefore she can accessibility his healing abilities, yet can"t it seems ~ to work-related out the trigger. Learning he didn"t have long, Leo confessed his feelings because that Piper. Piper was then able to cure him after ~ reciprocating his love. They have actually a nice reunion prior to he returns to the Elders.

In season 2, Piper and also Leo took a small break native each other as your "jobs" acquired in the way. Together Piper want a bit of security in her life, she started seeing she neighbor, Dan (Greg Vaughn). She romance v Dan was going well until Leo returned, promising to success her back.

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This happened in the illustration "Awakened", as soon as Piper contracts a deadly virus. When she is top top the verge the death, she meets Leo in purgatory. Leo tells she he is break the rules in saving her. He later reveals the the Elders have clipped his wing so that is currently mortal. Piper looks flattered once he says they will certainly fight for your relationship.

7 their wedding (S3 Ep15)

Piper and also Leo had actually to run over number of hurdles prior to they to be able to gain married. Their an initial wedding didn"t walk to plan as Leo to be taken by the Elders because that trying to elope in secret ("Magic Hour"). Their second attempt was ruined when Prue is accused of murder. Piper to be reluctant to shot for a third time together she took it together a authorize they weren"t meant to be. Yet, Leo does his ideal to to convince her the they are.

After a pep talk v her parents, Piper and also Leo at some point tie through the end of "Just Harried". Here, they are surrounded by your family and also friends. It to be nice to watch something go best for the Charmed Ones.

In "Saving personal Leo", fans got an understanding into Leo"s past when he is invite to a veterans" reunion. Leo is unconvinced to attend due to the fact that he feels guilty because that the death of his friends. The 2 friends who died are now earlier for vengeance and begin targeting the Charmed Ones.

After vanquishing Leo"s previous friends, Piper convinces her husband to attend the reunion. With each other they accomplish several other veterans, consisting of the guy Leo had passed away saving. Piper"s encouragement had permitted Leo to recoup from his survivor"s guilt and prove the he deserved his Whitelighter abilities.

5 Pregnancy with Wyatt (S5 Ep15)

Season 4 witnessed Leo and Piper start trying for a baby; however, the looked favor this wouldn"t be possible as Piper received news that they would battle to conceive. So once the point of view of Destiny revealed the she was pregnant, it come as a nice surprised for all ("Witch means Now").

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Wyatt Halliwell was introduced to the human being after Piper went into labor during the illustration "The work Magic Died". The was quite an eventful chance for the sisters v their father"s (James Read) new wife transforming out to it is in a demon. Happy for them, the job was less dramatic and also Piper gave birth come the an initial male Halliwell.

many fans would love to forget the mini break-up in between Leo and Piper, which lasted because that the majority of season 6. Yet a reconciliation seemed on the cards when Piper and Leo are transported come a Ghostly airplane ("The Courtship of Wyatt"s Father").

When Leo is fatally wounded by the Darklighter"s poison arrow, he and Piper have actually a heart-to-heart. After ~ confessing your feelings for one another, they soon reconnect and end up conceiving kris (Drew Fuller). Although Leo ends up leaving (unaware that Piper"s pregnancy), this episode significant the beginning of their reconciliation.

3 Leo"s loss from elegant (S7 Ep16)

Leo and also Piper were practically ripped apart again through the Elders after ~ they determined to wipe his memory. This to be a test the Elders put in ar to pressure Leo come pick between his duties or his family. However, castle don"t allow him come say goodbye to Piper or the other sisters.

The Elders say they won"t intervene, yet one sways Leo into the angelic role again. Together Phoebe and also Paige (Rose McGowan) monitor him down, Piper i do not care severely ailing and practically dies. Leo manages to hear her call out for him and also proceeds to loss from Grace. The Elders expose that that is currently a mortal and cost-free to live his life v Piper.

Piper provides the can be fried sacrifice in "Vaya Con Leos" after ~ she allows the point of view of Destiny take him. This to be the lesser of 2 evils as the angel of death revealed Leo was going come die. No matter what Piper and also the sister did, the point of view of Death managed to discover him.

Piper decided the best case scenario to be for the angel of Destiny to take it Leo. She, Paige and Phoebe agreed the if they regulate to win the can be fried Battle, Leo would be safely returned to them. The separation would certainly hurt Piper but it was better than losing Leo forever. The pair climate share an emotional farewell prior to he is taken.

1 traveling 50 years right into the future (S8 Ep22)

after ~ Piper and also Billie (Kaley Cuoco) to be the sole survivors in the can be fried Battle, Leo was returned. However, the pair decide to travel ago in time to avoid the deaths the Phoebe and Paige. Among the time autumn they end up in is 50 years into the future.

Piper and also Leo space surprised to discover an older pair residing in the manor, who seem to it is in expecting them. Lock then disclose themselves to be the future Leo and Piper. Your older selves recommend them exactly how to work the ring, however don"t provide too much away together it might ruin the future. However, v an larger Piper and also Leo present, it"s for sure to i think the fight goes in the Charmed Ones" favor.

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