Last time we observed hunter Jo Harvelle in Season 5 of Supernatural, she to be sacrificing herself because that the greater good as hellhounds lower upon her rigged-to-blow hideout. However in this week’s illustration (Friday, 9/8c on The CW), Jo return much more at peace, states her portrayer Alona Tal. That helps that she’s, you know, dead.

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mmsanotherstage2019.com chatted through Tal about what bring Jo earlier to the Supernatural people (duh, Dean), her final moments pre-death — yes, we’re talking around that kiss! — and her buzzy brand-new FX pilot Powers.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | What was your reaction once you heard they want to bring Jo earlier for an episode?I went, “About time!” <Laughs> In my mind, internally, i said, “It’s around time.” ns was happy. I stated several times throughout the last two years, at any time it works out and they execute want me back, I’m always game, and I’m always excited come go ago there. It’s a fun location to go earlier to.

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mmsanotherstage2019.com | What was it favor coming ago after being away from the display for a while?It’s exciting. It’s a little bit like you’re walk home, due to the fact that you recognize everybody. That’s a wonderful component about the present is the 90% of are the same. You don’t have to get to know new people again. The feels like, “Oh my God! i haven’t seen you in a while!” and pick up wherein you left off. It’s comfortable and welcoming in the sense. As much as the character goes, friend go back to a character you haven’t touched in three years, and you’ve grown as a person. Girlfriend just shot and mirror that to the character because the character doesn’t simply pick up wherein it left off. Obviously, she died. For this reason there’s been part issues.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | just how would you speak Jo has readjusted since us last witnessed her?Other than being dead? i think that there’s a level that – this is all presumption — but they say once somebody dies, there’s clarity the comes through it, and also there’s a various level that comfortability. That uneasiness that world have when they’re alive, indigenous the story we’ve heard, seems to walk away as soon as one is dead since you’re in the soul world. It’s a totally different world. She’s just relaxed and also not angry.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | What brings she back?There is one Egyptian God who finds human being who room guilty or feeling guilty, have actually guilt in their hearts, and basically judges them based upon this guilt. This Egyptian God place Dean on trial for his guilt, and one that the points that the guilty about is me. That ns sacrificed myself because that them — and him in certain because he knew mine feelings.

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mmsanotherstage2019.com | speaking of feelings… The critical scene prior to she died was of Dean kissing her. Is that carried up in the episode?It’s not so much the kiss. The kiss to be irrelevant. It wasn’t the allude of the scene even then. The was much more of a goodbye 보다 a kiss. The was much more one human being really see another and also thanking them and also appreciating them. Because that him, at that specific moment, there was no other method to to express it yet with a kiss. Over there was the awkward, lengthy silence right before the kiss. It’s since what can one say? The kiss claims so lot more. Therefore there’s no should really carry it up. I think what is brought up is just the evident unsolved, unresolved . It’s always brought increase whenever Dean and Jo are in the same room.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | does she get a little bit that closure around Dean?Everybody will have to see it and for themselves. ‘Cause over there are amazing exchanges between them.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | What is Dean’s reaction like to seeing her again?From what I might tell, just surprise. … Imagine somebody you care about that friend obviously have actually guilt worries over and also then you check out their face. There’s so lot you desire to say, and I think that’s what you obtain from him. He desires to say more. And he desires to have a much better communication.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | did you acquire to interact with Sam also or is it just Dean?It’s both that them. I can’t just do Dean. I need to have a little Sammy.

mmsanotherstage2019.com | What have the right to you say around your FX pilot Powers? room you component of the regular cast if gets picked up?Yes, ns am. If everyone doesn’t recognize Powers, look the up since it’s a exorbitant comic by Brian Michael Bendis. Powers is usually a cop drama set in a human being where people have powers. These civilization have various levels the powers. … I’m playing one of the very powerful ones. Ns play Zora. She’s live for thousands of years. She’s really strong. Really badass. Doesn’t provide an eff about anybody. She’s not trying come be favored by anybody. really gritty pilot. Jason Patric’s in it. Vinnie Jones is in it. Lucy punch is in it. We have actually some really, really, really an excellent people in this pilot, and also some really great people behind it.

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mmsanotherstage2019.com | as soon as do you find out if the display is choose up or not?I’m hoping to find out an extremely soon. I’m hope very, very soon. So if everybody can cross their fingers out there for me in the next month… Let’s offer it a month. I won’t asking for people to cross your fingers for much longer than that.