The rook is the “perforation that the anti-helix” aka the cartilage ridge between your outer and inner ear over your tragus. This little ridge of cartilage isn’t normally very noticeable, yet with the right jewels, the can come to be the star of her ear party.

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Read top top to discover out more about obtaining a rook piercing, including the pain level, healing time, cost and recommended jewelry.


Our standard Chain Ear Cuff, Whisper open Hoop, dual Eternity Ear Cuff, Deco decision Stud, and also North Star Stud

✨ Rook Piercing fast Facts✨

The rook is the part of her ear in between the outer and also inner cartilage over the tragus.PAIN LEVEL:6/10HEALING TIME: 6 - 18 months

What room the ideal jewelry because that my rook piercing?

Most piercing artists will certainly insert a bent barbell into a brand-new rook piercing, however after the healing duration (6 – 18 months), you can acquire creative. Given how small the rook is, you’re best off through delicate, broken jewelry – but IMHO, the finest things come in small packages!

✨ provided that you most likely won’t adjust out the jewelry in your rook very often, make sure you love the jewelry you choose. You have actually a ton the jewelry choices including (but not minimal to) bent barbells, cartilage hoops, and also flat back stud earrings.

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How lot does a rook piercing hurt?

A rook piercing is a cartilage piercing, for this reason it no as simple as a traditional lobe piercing. But, the short, sharp pain have to only pains for about 30 minutes.