When an energetic cold former overtakes a warmth front ________.

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an occluded prior forms
A wind transition from south or southwest come northwest is commonly connected with the passage of a ________ front. cold
In the northern Hemisphere, tornadoes are many frequent during the ________. April-June period
An mP air mass is ________. cold and humid
After the facility of a mature wave cyclone passes, you must expect ________. barometric press to rise
When an area is experiencing several consecutive work of rather continuous weather, that is probably ________. air-mass weather
Which the the complying with is taken into consideration to it is in a boundary in between two various air masses? both heat front and also cold front
Cold fronts and also warm fronts in the middle latitudes room often associated with a ________. both middle-latitude cyclone and low pressure
The wait masses that have the biggest influence top top weather conditions in the main United says are ________. cP and also mT
Hurricanes typically are ________. every one of these
Which among the complying with statements is not true of tornadoes? usually happen along the warm front that a mid-latitude cyclone
Usually ________ fronts develop several hours of moderate-to-gentle precipitation end a big region. warm
If an observer look at cirrus clouds, adhered to later by cirrostratus, and then altostratus, that or she is angry the method of a ________ front. warm
Typhoon is another name for a ________. hurricane
Tornadoes most often move towards what direction? northeast
When a hurricane move onto land, it quickly loses the punch; that is, the storm decreases in intensity. Which of the factors detailed below add to this ns of punch? both friction and also lack of warm, moist air
This air mass frequently originates as a different air massive in Siberia and is consequently altered. cP
This air mass may develop an occasional "northeaster" in the winter. mP
The eye the a hurricane is ________. warmer 보다 the remainder of the storm
An waiting mass native the Gulf of Mexico is labeled ________. mT
A cT waiting mass is ________. warm and also dry
This wait mass is the source of lot of the moisture for precipitation in the central and eastern joined States. mT
On a weather map, ________ fronts are shown by a line with triangular points on one side. cold
Which the the following should have actually the steepest pressure gradient? tornado
The precipitation associated with a warm front commonly arrives ________ the really frontal boundary ________. substantially ahead of
On your version the street from the sunlight to Saturn was 52 cm. false
On your model, the radius the Mars to be 0.4 cm. False
On her model, the diameter that neptune was 2.3 cm. True
On her model, the distances in between the Jovian planets were smaller sized than the distances between the terrestrial planets. false
Pluto is 39.3 times farther indigenous the sun than Earth. true
Uranus is 10 times bigger than the Earth. false
The Jovian planets have an setting rich in carbon dioxide gas and water vapor. false
The surface ar of terrestrial planets are identified by rocky surfaces while Jovian planets have actually an icy surface. False
The world with the highest density is Saturn. false
Mercury's orbit is less in line through the orbital ecliptic than any type of other planet. true
________ describes the shining head of a comet. Coma
As the solar device was forming, ________ came closest to undergoing nuclear fusion and coming to be a 2nd sun. Jupiter
The belt (orbit) of the asteroids is located between ________. Jupiter and Mars
This scientist to be the very first to use the telescope in astronomy. Galileo
The ________ describes how our solar mechanism probably formed from a giant cloud that gases and also dispersed heavy particles. nebular hypothesis
Which among the following is most most likely to be associated both with influence craters and with volcano calderas that originate by collapse? landslides and other fixed wasting movements along the walls of the depression
________ meteorites are thought to it is in analogous in ingredient to Earth's core. Iron
Which one of the terrestrial planets has a surface ar landscape comparable to the of the older areas of the Moon? Mercury
Galileo observed several functions using the telescope. Which one of the complying with did he not discover? the 2 moons of Mars
Which one of the adhering to is not uncovered on Mars? H2O-rich atmosphere
The an initial modern astronomer to suggest a Sun-centered universe was ________. Nicolaus Copernicus
________ has actually a hot, stormy atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide. Venus
Most of the Moon's craters were developed by ________. the impact of debris (meteoroids)
In the Ptolemaic (Greek) model of the cosmos the ________. planet was in the facility of the universe
Which among the following statements is a logical explanation for why the Venusian atmosphere consists of much much more carbon dioxide than Earth's atmosphere? Because the Earth's setting contains much more oxygen than that the Venus and also Mars.
The smallest earth in the solar mechanism is ________. Mercury
Which the the adhering to statements concerning ring satellites the the planets is true? consists of concentrations of particles usually smaller than 10 meters in diameter
The surface functions of ________ are known only through satellite radar mapping. Venus
Carbon dioxide is the significant gas in the atmosphere of Venus. True
Which of this lunar attributes is the oldest? lunar highlands
Which one of the complying with is not true the Jupiter? a rotational rate slower 보다 Mercury
________, a moon orbiting Jupiter, has an abnormally smooth, uncratered, ice-covered surface. Europa
________ is the principal gas in the Venusian atmosphere and likewise a minor ingredient of the environments of Earth and also Mars. Carbon dioxide
________ has the great, dark spot on the surface. Neptune
The high surface ar temperatures of this planet have actually been attributed to the greenhouse effect. Venus
The sun belongs to this course of stars. main-sequence star
When a main-sequence star has tired the fuel in the within region, it i do not care a ________. red giant
The final stage because that a star i beg your pardon is as huge as the sunlight is a ________. white dwarf
The exploration that the universe appears to be expanding led to a widely embraced theory dubbed ________. the large Bang
Our galaxy is dubbed the ________. Milky way galaxy
The measure up of a star's brightness is called its ________. magnitude
The street to stars have the right to be identified from ________. mainly parallax
This residential or commercial property of a star have the right to be established from the color. surface ar temperature
A star in which light cannot escape because of the tremendous gravitational pull at its surface ar is referred to as a ________. black color hole
Hubble's legislation states the galaxies room receding from us at a speed that is proportional to their ________. distance
The most dense stars well-known to exist are ________. black color holes
One of the most common units supplied to express stellar distance is the ________. light-year
Which shade stars have the coolest surface temperature? red
The last stage in the development of the most substantial stars is a ________. black color hole
Which main-sequence stars are the least massive? red
The sunlight is thought about an typical star. true
Which among the objects noted below has the biggest size? galaxies
These stars are developed during a supernova event. black hole
The allude in stellar development when a star has used up every its fuel and is radiating far its continuing to be thermal energy as light is the ________ stage. white dwarf
A very first magnitude star is ________ times brighter 보다 a 5th magnitude star. 10 5 1( i dont know)
Possibly the many cataclysmic occasion to occur in nature is ________. a supernova
Which main-sequence stars are the many massive? blue
Most stars room in this phase of evolution.

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main-sequence star
Based on the observed red shifts in the spectral currently of far-off galaxies, astronomers conclude that ________. the cosmos is expanding
Which shade stars have actually the highest surface temperature? blue