Iron (III) phosphide is one ionic compound since iron facet is a metal and phosphorous element is a non-metal. The shortcut formed in between a metal and also a non-metal is constantly ionic in nature.

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The nomenclature of ionic compounds is offered by:

1. hopeful ion is composed first.

2. The an unfavorable ion is composed next and a suffix is added at the finish of the an adverse ion. The suffix written is "-ide".

3. In case of change metals, the oxidation state space written in roman inn numerals in parentheses in-front of positive ions.

The fee on iron is (+3) and the the fee on phosphide is (-3). The charges room balanced.

Hence, the formula that the compound iron (III) phosphide will certainly be


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Calculate the fixed defect of the boron cell nucleus 11 5b. The mass of neutral 11 5b is equal to 11.009305 atom mass units.
Vlad1618 <11>

0.07906687 amu


For Boron ₅B¹¹, the variety of protons is 5 and the fixed is 11. The fixed is the number of protons plus the number of neutrons, so:

neutrons = 11 - 5 = 6

The fixed of an atom is concentrated in the nucleus, so that is the fixed of the protons + the fixed of the neutrons. The mass of 1 proton is 1.00727647 amu/proton, and also the massive of 1 neutron: 1.00866492 amu/neutron, so because that the element given the theoretical mass (mt) is:

mt = 5* 1.00727647 amu/proton + 6*1.00866492 amu/neutron

mt = 11.08837187 amu

The massive defect (md) is the theorical mass much less the actual mass:

md = 11.08837187 - 11.009305

md = 0.07906687 amu

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A cooking recipes for chocolate cake calls because that 236.6 mL of buttermilk.
aev <14>


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Can someone assist me pls will note Brainly and also 10+ points <17>

Hope this helps :)


1. A physical property is a characteristics of matter that is not connected with a readjust in its chemical composition.

2. Issue is everything approximately you. Atoms and compounds room all made of very tiny parts the matter.

3. Solid, fluid and, gas

4. False

5. Our load on moon is less than it would be top top Earth due to a difference of the strength of heaviness on the moon.

6. Physical changes only change the figure of a substance, no its chemical composition. Chemistry changes reason a problem to change into an totally substance v a new chemical formula. Chemical changes are likewise known as chemical reactions.

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Explain why the process of mining uranium connected in the usage of nuclear power has the greatest environmental impact of the ent
abruzzese <7>

Uranium is a radioactive substance, i beg your pardon is very reactive. As a consequence, it can not be uncovered in the setting in its elemental state. During uranium, mining disturbances have the right to influence both the quality and quantity the the surface water.

Several the the results of uranium mining are the same to those knowledgeable in various other kinds the mining.

Due to the harmful results of radioactive substances, the uranium mining for the use of nuclear energy has the greatest eco-friendly influence.

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Frank has actually a sample the steel the weighs 80 grams. If the thickness of his sample of stole is 8 g/cm^3 what is the samples volume
sammy <17>

density is the fixed of an object/ fluid per unit volume

formula for density is as follows

density = mass / volume

the mass of steel is 80 g

and density is 8 g/cm³

substituting the values in the equation us can uncover the volume


volume = 80 g/cm³ / 8 g

volume = 10 cm³

volume of the sample is 10 cm³

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