The background of the Wheelchair Ramps

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Wheelchair ramps are commonplace today. We watch them at hospitals, banks, malls, restaurants and also many other types of businesses. We likewise see castle in exclusive residential homes. But, the wasn’t always this way. With the invention of the wheelchair, there ended up being a need for people to accessibility spaces v their wheelchair. This led to the intention of the wheelchair ramp.

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Over time, wheelchair ramps have actually been design in a variety of ways – they can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable. In this blog, we will certainly take a look at the history of the wheelchair ramp and discuss the ongoing require to carry out greater accessibility for world with disabilities and also mobility issues.

The history Of The Wheelchair Ramp

The creation of the ramp dates ago to old Greek times as a device to traction ships and also materials. That been provided to aid build few of the most famous structures in history. Emily Nonko from explains:

“The ramp is believed to have moved the products that developed theEgyptian pyramidsandStonehenge. The old Greeks constructed a led ramp known asthe Diolkosto drag ships across the Isthmus that Corinth. In 1600, Galileo compliment the inclined aircraft as one of the six an easy machines in his workLe Meccaniche.”

Here is a timeline that the background of the wheelchair ramp and its evolution over time:

AD525: The an initial evidence of a wheelchair being provided in China, creating the need for a wheelchair ramp.1600s: Ramps were provided in ancient Greece to move big objects.1900s: The ramp was rethought and was used as component of the style of Grand main Station in new York City to help people relocate through the station an ext efficiently. It was initially meant come move huge amounts the people and travellers through luggage.1940s and also 1950s: after the end of the second World War, people began to realize the importance of access ramps. Plenty of veterans returned residence from the war v mobility-related injuries that forced them to it is in in a wheelchair and use other mobility devices. Access was an concern that necessary to be handle in society.1950s and also 1960s: people started to support for greater accessibility in publicly spaces. People wanted much more accessible sidewalks and within the city and also greater access to buildings.1990: that wasn’t till 1990, through the happen of the Americans v Disabilities Act, or ADA the the wheelchair ramp since commonplace in building planning and also design.


Wheelchair Ramp Regulations

Even though there room no certain laws in location in Canada concerning wheelchair ramps, over there are structure code requirements found in the Canadian National building Code (CNBC). The Ontario structure code is compliant v these regulations. For all new permanent wheelchair ramps developed today, they should follow this guidelines:

Wheelchair ramps must have 1 customs of increasing for every 12 customs of ramp.The ramp must be at least 36 customs wide.The landing the the ramp should typically be 60 inches by 60 inches.A ramp must have actually handrails if it rises an ext than 6 inches or if the ramps expand 72 inch horizontally.

Accessibility Is crucial To Canadians

Many businesses provide accessible ways to access their structure but there are still enhancements to it is in made to ensure there is universal access to public locations in Ontario. Wheelchair ramps pat a big role and will continue to play a big role in culture for decades to come.

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In access and inclusivity in Canada: A closer look, top top, writer Sonia Woodward provides some an extremely telling statistics around accessibility:

1 in 5 Canadians space expected to have actually a handicap by 20369 the end of 10 Canadians think availability is a human right95% that Canadians believe availability is very important as soon as planning new construction

While the wheelchair ramp plays an important role in helping civilization with disabilities and also mobility issues, there is still work-related to be excellent to make Canada more accessible.

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