Automated external Defibrillators (AEDs) are life saving machines made because that anyone come use. The faster an AED is used, the greater the opportunities of survive from SCA. Once the an equipment is rotate on, the will offer you voice prompts informing you precisely what come do. Our Lifeline see AED will certainly also provide full motion color video showing friend what to do!Once a defibrillation shock is delivered, your job is not done. Every situation is different. Here are some things you could need to perform after providing a shock come someone:In a perfect scenario, the person will it is in awake, conscious, responsive, and also breathing ~ one shock indigenous the Lifeline AED. If this happens, screen the person and also make sure they do not go earlier unresponsive or avoid breathing. If an AED is used on someone, they space going come the hospital for follow up treatment. Continue to be with them till EMS arrives.If the human being is tho unresponsive and also not breathing, start offering CPR. The AED will have actually a metronome which gives the perfect to win to carry out your chest compressions. The AED will allow you to administer CPR for two minutes. After two minutes, the AED will certainly tell friend to stand clear for this reason it have the right to start analyzing to recognize if a 2nd shock is needed. After a second shock, the AED will permit you to provide two more minutes the CPR. The AED will continue working in this method with 2 minutes of CPR in between each shock. Continue listening come the AED until EMS come to take it over.Regardless the the situation here space two vital things come remember:1. Never ever remove the defibrillator pads from the who body. They will certainly be removed properly when the human arrives in ~ the hospital.2. Never turn the AED off.EMS will provide more complex medical treatment when they arrive.

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They are trained clinical professionals. By giving CPR and also using an AED prior to EMS arrives, you are giving someone the absolute ideal chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.To learn more about and also to sign up with us on our pursuit to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, visit

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