In Shakespeare"s Macbeth, it is revealed by Malcolm in ~ the end of the play that Lady Macbeth has died, most most likely by her own hands. Though the audience does no witness Lady Macbeth"s demise, we deserve to gather the the overwhelming guilt she felt for her big part in Duncan"s fatality had tortured her long enough.

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Shakespeare loves ambiguity, which is among the many reasons why he"s the biggest playwright of all time. And also his love of ambiguity is lot in evidence when it comes to the death of Lady Macbeth . The an exact circumstances that her death are never ever actually order out, yet it"s...

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Shakespeare loves ambiguity, which is among the countless reasons why he"s the best playwright of every time. And his love of faint is lot in proof when it involves the death of Lady Macbeth. The an exact circumstances of her death are never ever actually order out, yet it"s generally thought that she committed suicide, moved to death herself through the wildly that had gripped her tortured mind.

We understand this since Malcolm mentions it in the last few lines the the play, whereby he refers to Lady Macbeth as Macbeth"s

fiendlike queen,

Who, together "tis thought, through self and also violent hands

Took off she life; (act 5, step 8).

So suicide would seem the most most likely explanation. After ~ all, Lady Macbeth to be certifiably insane, and also it appears perfectly reasonable come assume the in together a parlous psychological state she take it her very own life. In an astonishing about-face, Lady Macbeth, the driving force behind the wicked plot to murder Duncan, arisen profound feelings of guilt over her part in this dastardly deed.

Try as she might, she just couldn"t live with herself over what she"d done, together was illustrated graphically by her hike the halls that Dunsinane lock at night, no hope scrubbing she hands in an effort to eliminate the stubborn taint the bloody treachery. Lady Macbeth might never remove that taint, and also so she eliminated herself.

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