The old-school horror movie genre is filled through many classic actors and also the functions they identified — Max Schreck together the vampire Nosferatu, Bela Lugosi together Count Dracula, Boris Karloff as Frankenstein"s monster and also the Mummy, and also Lon Chaney Jr. As the wolf Man, to surname a few. Luckily, monster movies continued to thrive as films developed from black-and-white to shade presentations, offering actors like Christopher Lee the chance to play not just Dracula but Frankenstein"s monster and also the Mummy for a whole new generation.

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Lee, and also his constant co-star, Peter Cushing, brought us Hammer Horror, a genre unto itself called for films developed by Hammer movie Productions, a brother production firm located in London. As demonstrated in his credits, Lee typically played the monsters in the film productions, when Cushing frequently played human being counterparts favor Dr. Victor Frankenstein and vampire hunter Dr. Abraham valve Helsing. And while pan may identify Lee for playing the trio of above monster characters for Hammer Horror, one particular duty stands above the rest once it comes to the frequency in which the reprised the role.

Hammer movie Productions
While fans most regularly identify Bela Lugosi together Count Dracula, Christopher Lee has played the character much more times than any kind of other actor. After Lugosi originated the function for universal Studios in 1931 after ~ a run of the character on the Broadway stage, Lugosi only reprised his iteration that the character as soon as in the comedy-slash-monster mash "Abbott and also Costello accomplish Frankenstein" in 1948.

Lee has played Dracula 7 times beginning with "Horror of Dracula" in 1958. A number of years passed prior to Lee reprised the role in 1966 for "Dracula: Prince of Darkness," i beg your pardon was adhered to by "Dracula has Risen indigenous the Grave" in 1968, "Taste the Blood of Dracula in 1970, "Scars the Dracula" in 1970, and "Dracula A.D. 1972," released, naturally, in 1972. Lee gave his last performance together the personality in "The Satanic Rites of Dracula" in 1973.

Thanks, in part, come the legacies produced by Lugosi and Lee, Bram Stoker"s above Dracula character has been adjusted many much more times since the 1970s. Amongst the many actors who have embodied the legendary vampire on the silver display screen are Jack Palance, open minded Langella, Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler, and Luke Evans.

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Count Dracula, that course, was among the countless memorable characters Christopher Lee played during his illustrious career the spanned practically seven decades, consisting of James Bond"s nemesis Francisco Scaramanga in "The male with the gold Gun." later on in his career, Lee famously embodied two classic villains: Saruman the White in the "Lord that the Rings" trilogy, and also Count Dooku-slash-Darth Tyranus in the critical two movies in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy.

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After that, Lee"s version of Dracula verified up in one more movie. In 2012, the actor"s regular collaborator, director Tim Burton, placed a live-action scene of Lee together the Prince that Darkness right into his black-and-white stop-motion monster movie "Frankenweenie." In a nostalgic scene, "Frankenweenie"s" main character, Victor Frankenstein (voiced through Charlie Tahan), city hall a Dracula movie certification Lee top top TV, alongside his parents and pet dog, Sparky.