It"s really common as soon as learning about fractions to want to understand how convert a fraction like 36/50 into a percentage. In this step-by-step guide, we"ll display you exactly how to turn any portion into a percentage really easily. Let"s take a look!

Want to easily learn or display students just how to transform 36/50 come a percentage? play this really quick and also fun video clip now!

Before we obtain started in the portion to portion conversion, let"s walk over some very quick portion basics. Remember the a numerator is the number above the fraction line, and the denominator is the number listed below the fraction line. We"ll usage this later on in the tutorial.

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When we are using percentages, what we room really speak is that the portion is a portion of 100. "Percent" means per hundred, and so 50% is the same as speak 50/100 or 5/10 in portion form.

So, because our denominator in 36/50 is 50, we could change the portion to do the denominator 100. To do that, we division 100 by the denominator:

100 ÷ 50 = 2

Once we have that, we deserve to multiple both the numerator and denominator through this multiple:

36 x 2/50 x 2=72/100

Now we have the right to see that our fraction is 72/100, which method that 36/50 together a percentage is 72%.

We can also work this out in a simpler way by an initial converting the portion 36/50 to a decimal. To execute that, we just divide the molecule by the denominator:

36/50 = 0.72

Once we have the prize to that division, we have the right to multiply the prize by 100 to do it a percentage:

0.72 x 100 = 72%

And over there you have it! Two various ways to convert 36/50 come a percentage. Both space pretty straightforward and also easy come do, yet I personally choose the transform to decimal method as the takes less steps.

I"ve watched a the majority of students get puzzled whenever a inquiry comes up about converting a fraction to a percentage, but if you monitor the steps laid out right here it have to be simple. The said, you may still require a calculator because that more facility fractions (and friend can constantly use ours calculator in the kind below).

If you desire to practice, grab you yourself a pen, a pad, and a calculator and try to convert a few fractions come a portion yourself.

Hopefully this tutorial has helped you come understand just how to transform a fraction to a percentage. You can now go forth and also convert fountain to percentages as much as your tiny heart desires!

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