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Our MissionOur mission is to protect human being from the issues of travel. We believe the best travel experiences take place when you feeling truly care-free.

Our mission stems from 1965. Our two founders, Brian Gaskin and also Roy Holmes, collection out to produce the ultimate garments for the harshest of the end adventures. And also to test it, they took it from the top District all the way to mountain Everest...

Founders Gaskin and Holmes to be cherry-picked to manufacture the expedition garments needed for kris Bonington"s Everest exploration in 1975 - the very first successful climb by ascending the challenge of the mountain. Since then we"ve to be committed to developing protective outdoor clothes to cope with any kind of extreme.

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At the an extremely core of our ambition was the need to develop the finest in protective walking trousers. Wade trousers the not only lock the end the facets but that move with you as you explore. Due to the fact that the beginning of our standard Kiwi trousers us have since gone top top to develop their construction, developing a brand-new generation of technological walking trousers. Learn an ext about Kiwi trousers >

Back in 1992 we developed the Breakthrough System, a waterproof fabric technology that would come to be a to win formula because that Make by climbers and tested v Scottish and Norwegian winters, the Breakthrough system was eventually available to buy in 1993. That later progressed to end up being our AquaDry waterproof device in 1999 - a fabric an innovation that would certainly make ours jackets fully waterproof and breathable. Learn much more about AquaDry technology >


awarded Millennium assets Marque for Creativity and Innovation because that Dynamic Balance modern technology within our rucksacks


every of our protective clothes has a purpose. And also one travel worry that we had not yet conquered was the move of harmful problems via biting insects. Us made the our mission come kit out adventurers through insect repellent clothing that yes, really does what it demands to – keeps mosquitoes at arm"s length. For this reason we gained to work. And also in 2002 we introduced the an initial iteration the what became known as our NosiLife clothing - the world"s first and just permanent insect protective garments range. Learn an ext about NosiLife >


We very first started working v Bear Grylls in 2006 and later collaborated to develop a range of be afflicted with Grylls clothes made v his adventures in mind. To withstand every little thing the facets could possibly throw at him, the and also Bear Grylls teamwork soon brought about a collection of bear Grylls trousers, jackets, and t shirt - all built to withstand the harsh conditions that he faces. As a survival skilled with experience in the SAS us knew be afflicted with Grylls would push our architecture team to the limit.

Because ours mission is to defend you from the worries of travel, us regularly job-related with adventurers, conservationists and wildlife filmmakers to placed our protective clothes to the test. Pushing our clothing an innovation to the limit, our ambassadors no only allow us come produce better outdoor clothing, yet they inspire united state to it is in brave sufficient to take on the unknown. To explore. To Wander. When we choose a ambassador, we want to encourage and inspire you to do something new. To live in the present and step external your lull zone. Discover an ext about the lives of our ambassadors >


We"re going places below at Striving to develop new fabric technologies and also teaming with fellow thrill-seekers, so that you deserve to go places too. That"s why us partnered through The battle each other Of Edinburgh compensation in 2010. We wanted to kit out young adventurers with the protective clothing they would require to help them success in their expeditions. Because 2010 we"ve continued to job-related with young people, inspiring them to take on outdoor obstacles while providing the recommended outdoor kit castle need. find out more

The Dian Fossey Gorilla money is committed to the protection of gorillas in their herbal habitat of Africa. In 2014, we offered to support the work that they execute in honour the Dr Dian Fossey"s legacy. The best way we knew how? We supplied the Dian Fossey team with protective clothes so that their researchers and also conservationists could bring out their work an ext comfortably. But we want to carry out more. To get an ext people involved. So, we collaborated v the Dian Fossey team again, alongside ambassador, Peter McBride, and Sir David Attenborough ~ above a film called Hope. Watch hope now