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During the new DC Comics Universe collection "Flashpoint," in i beg your pardon a time-traveling supervillain alters the past to warp the present, Life"s little Mysteries gift a 10-part series that examines what would occur if a major event in the history of the universe had gone just slightly different.

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Part 7: What if ... Planet were double as big?

If Earth"s diameter to be doubled to around 16,000 miles, the planet"s massive would rise eight times, and the pressure of gravity on the world would be double as strong.

Life would certainly be: Built and also proportioned differently.

If heaviness were double as solid , body possessing the exact same construction and also mass as our flora and fauna would certainly weigh double as much and also would collapse. It"d be "timber!" because that tall, thick trees such together redwoods. Large, sunward-reaching plants could still develop, however would require stiffer architectures that cellulose fibers or one more material altogether.

Animals would need to be thicker-legged to support their weight. As for humans, our appearance would count on the evolutionary demands inserted on our biological forebears in a higher-gravity world, claimed Neil Comins, a professor of physics at the university of Maine. "If ours ancestors had actually to run fast and fight hard, climate we would be burly, however if not, we could be thin and light," Comins said Life"s little Mysteries.

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