ON Semiconductor and also SUBARU proceed their teamwork on the EyeSight Driver help System through a shared vision of improving road safety

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), control energy effective innovations, has actually passed the landmark number of 100 million AR0132AT picture sensors shipped because that driver assistance applications. The 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor was selected through SUBARU CORPORATION, a leader in advanced safety technologies for automotive, thanks to that is industry-leading mix of high dynamic range, short light sensitivity, and also programmable exposure modes, which satisfy the demanding technological specifications the its driver support system, EyeSight.

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The EyeSight system supported by AR0132AT was very first installed in the Levorg model in June 2014, and later offered in the Legacy, Forester, Impreza and also SUBARU XV models. On Semiconductor and also SUBARU will proceed to collaborate top top the technology development the camera-based ADAS equipment with the common vision of enhancing safety and achieving ZERO web traffic fatalities in the close to future.

The AR0132AT is provided in the stereotype camera device that develops the ‘eyes’ that EyeSight, to support vital safety functionality, consisting of adaptive cruise control, lane save assist and sway warning, pre-collision braking and also pre-collision accelerator management. EyeSight has actually won plenty of awards for its pioneering duty in advanced safety technology; many recently these encompass accolades from the insurance Institute because that Highway security (IIHS), and the peak rating of progressed Safety vehicle Triple to add (ASV +++) in the Japan brand-new Car Assessment routine (JNCAP).

ON Semiconductor’s lead in CMOS picture sensor modern technologies to resolve the growing number of applications under the umbrella of progressed Driver aid Systems (ADAS) is underlined by its an international number one position and also market re-superstructure of over 60%. The company’s technical cooperation with SUBARU leverages picture sensors that integrate optimized performance at the pixel level with higher resolution. This helps permit features, including those defined in the recent European new Car evaluate Programme (EuroNCAP 2020), come improve car safety, not only for auto occupants, but additionally for other fragile Road users (VRUs) such together pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

Eiji Shibata, general Manager, EyeSight breakthrough project at SUBARU, commented: “Establishing the right design partnerships in fast-moving and an important areas such together ADAS is vital. Working through ON Semiconductor, the an international number one supplier in CMOS picture sensing technology in the automotive sector, gives us through their distinctive technology, products and also support, and enables us to establish our goals for the exacting performance and also reliability requirements of the EyeSight development.”

Commenting on the landmark 100 million number for AR0132AT sensors shipped and also the company’s connection with SUBARU, Ross Jatou, VP and also GM that the Automotive Solutions department in the intelligent Sensing group at top top Semiconductor, said: “The success that SUBARU’s EyeSight Driver Assist modern technology is remarkable and also a tangible demonstrate of the that company safety culture and vision for roadway safety. The development, realization and evolution that systems choose EyeSight need engineering and also technical expertise, and in the area of picture sensing, ~ above Semiconductor is happy to provide products and expertise to add to the breakthrough of ADAS and autonomous driving systems in our long-term participation with SUBARU.”

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