Eminem has actually shared the very first trailer for the new film he’s produced, ‘Bodied’. Examine it out below.

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Fresh native dropping his surprise new album ‘Kamikaze‘, Marshall Mathers’ brand-new film access time cinemas top top November 2 prior to being released via Youtube Premium ~ above November 28.

Directed by Joseph Khan, the movie stars Calum Worthy, Dumbfoundead, Anthony Michael Hall, Jackie Long, Charlamagne Tha God, and won the People’s an option Midnight madness Award in ~ the 2017 Toronto international Film Festival.


The movie speak the story of Berkeley student Adam Merkin (played byWorthy) who enters and also wins a rap fight before finding success in the Oakland hip-hop world. Drama then ensues as he alienates his other rappers as well as those close come him.

Take your ideal shot.
BodiedMovie Dir. By
JosephKahn in theater 11/2 + Youtube Premium 11/28 pic.twitter.com/i3DJqPyVJ0

— Marshall Mathers (
Eminem) October 8, 2018

Eminem’s vault film work starring in 2001 movie The Wash and also most famously playing the leader in the quasi-autobiographical 2002 film 8 Mile.

He also made a cameo figure sin the 2009 movie Funny People, 2014’s The Interview and played self in the season-seven finale of Entourage.


Meanwhile, the human being is at this time awaiting Eminem’s ‘follow up’ to his diss monitor against maker Gun Kelly.

Eminem take it aim at Kelly top top the track ‘Killshot‘, before he then replied with ‘Rap Devil‘.

He evidenced reports the a sequel was on the way, after Shady documents producer grandfather Porter said: “Right now, the in over there working. We doing other else appropriate now, however trust me, we’ll get to it. I’ll tell girlfriend this: i wouldn’t wanna it is in . I

“It’s good that friend took the opportunity and also did that, hey, kudos come you, an excellent for you. The one point that i’m worried about . . . Girlfriend remember when Thanos threw that entirety planet at Iron Man? .”

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