Frasier (1993-2004) is a sitcom from the us that to be popular additionally here, a spin-off indigenous the famous series Cheers (1982-1993) based upon the personality Frasier Crane. Both of them were broadcast on part Spanish TV channels virtually at the same time together in the US. I am also young to remember Cheers in detail yet at the very least I took pleasure in Frasier due to the fact that my husband is a fan. I observed all that is 11 periods two years ago, so I could understand why it was so famous.

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Frasier Crane and also his brother Niles, that will come to be the funniest character, are 2 snobs through high social interests and very fine tastes. They like opera, timeless music, antiques, art, and also of course: wine.

Thanks come a customer the was with me in one of my tapas tours I found that this idea of gift a alcohol lover in the us is likewise in link with the idea of being a snob, so the is why in Frasier lock parody about it every the time. When in Andalusia knowing around wine, or at least some an easy concepts, is an extremely common.

Anyway, the most essential moment in this sitcom, the scene the made me a total fan, is as soon as Niles argues sherry. In the Spanish version, just to do this minute even much more posh, they nothing say sherry in French: xérèz

From that episode on, Niles and also Frasier drink sherry plenty of times in every the seasons. For this reason it concerned my mind the question: What sherry perform they drink? and I found I am no the only nerd wonder the same. This post on the blog Henry Jeffreys, they say Frasier drinks Harvey’s Bristol Cream because it is possible to identify the typical blue party of this alcohol in season 6, illustration 9.

I was an extremely surprised the on some much more forums ~ above internet people were also trying to uncover the brand of the sherry Frasier drinks, but it appears that there room no recognizable bottles apart indigenous Harvey’s Bristol Cream. I am no going to recognize the brand, but I will try to number out what sort of sherry is. Because that example, in the snapshot above if we look in ~ the color of the wine in the bottle he has in his hands, we deserve to see the it is no as dark together a cream sherry wine.

In the next video it wake up something similar. In this case, lock are supposed to be drinking an “Andalusian amontillado”, yet the shade of the alcohol is pale, an ext similar to a fino or a manzanilla.

So I in reality think that they drink manzanilla or fino many of the times since their color is very distinctive. Apart from that, in the video they speak the highest true ever: Sherry is much an ext than a wine for cooking. We knew that in Andalusia and also probably thanks to Frasier too many of human being in the US likewise know it too. So, be sure never ever be out of sherry if you are in a sherry mood.

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