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I see Agent Gibbs on NCIS has switched to a military model 1911. He used it tonight to capture some poachers importing meat into the U.S..
As mentioned an episode or two back, I think he is planning on carrying the 1911 (his father"s old gun) for the foreseeable future. It does look pretty cool to see it get pulled out instead of the P228/P229/M11, or whatever model SIG the rest of the crew carries.


Was hand priming brass while watching it and totally missed it. I was always kind of disappointed that he didn"t carry one from the very beginning of the show, it is what Gibbs would choose.
I don"t understand getting excited about seeing something on a fictional TV show. There. I said it....
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Women sure can be funny about stuff like that, mine just repeats " don"t care" whenever i mention a gun thing on TV. Just last weekend we were looking at some photo"s of us hiking with our baby daughter who is finishing up college now, and I showed the old woman that i was carrying a old S&W M15 in some of those photo"s and just picked up another just like it put the same custom grips on it that were in the pictures, once again it was "don"t care".
walks with gun-------- Men can be funny about stuff like that too. If she said to you " I found some Torrid Red, the same shade of lipstick I wore to the company Christmas party" You might not give a poop. ---------But it might be wise to feign interest.Speaking of that kinda stuff, that character Gibbs has to lose that 1989 middle-parted haircut. A 1911 helps his cool factor----- but can"t fix that problem!

I knew a few cops who working undercover/drugs and carried ratty-looking USGI 1911A1s. No matter how ratty they look , they work.
I think this is good enough reason to check up on NCIS, again - I"m having this on/off relationship with this show and time for "on" might"ve arrived -GarthSent from my NSA monitored iPhone using Tapatalk
I don"t understand getting excited about seeing something on a fictional TV show. There. I said it....
Oh, quit being so mature! Let yourself have some fun.
PS: Anyone else broken hearted since Ziva left? NCIS just isn"t the same. For that matter, neither is "the World"s Most Interesting Man". They really shot themselves in the foot with that change.
+1 on missing Ziva (Cote de Pablo) - show has been a bit of a letdown since then...the only new character worth watching at all is Jennifer Esposito.

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He and his wife Pam Dawber are both Anti-Basic Human, Civil and Constitutional Rights when it comes to 2nd Amendment Rights.For the most part, it seems to be par for the course in Hollyweird.Have recently taken to watching "Last Man Standing" reruns.Tim Allen and his co-cast all do a nice job of being Pro-2A.
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