It’s no an enig that June 19th is the birthday of Garfield the Cat–that gift the yearly anniversary of once the an initial “Garfield” comic strip showed up in your day-to-day newspaper. Lesser known fact: Garfield’s slobbering dog pal Odie likewise celebrates his birthday on respectable 8th. Yep, it’s the anniversary of when cartoonist Jim Davis an initial introduced the rampantly lovable pooch right into Garfield’s life. There’s even much more to know around Odie, too. He’s not simply some generic yellow-haired mutt. He’s supposed to be a beagle. That’ll confuse the kiddies who’ve viewed the 2 live-action Garfield movies, though. Odie is played by a real-life dachshund in those films. (Garfield self is an intricate computer-animated creation.)

Odie has grown up over the years, too. He an initial showed increase in 1978, and was plainly more of an pet than the sophisticated Garfield. The was mostly suggested by the dog walking roughly on every fours prefer some sort of household pet. That adjusted sometime about the late 1990s, though. Nowadays, Odie walks approximately on 2 legs. He’s tho not practically as sophisticated as Garfield, though. Well, the early on animated Odie to be walking about on two legs earlier in the ’80s ~ above some tv appearances, yet we’re concentrating ~ above the comic strip here.

Odie additionally made a clear change from puppy come mature adulthood. Nobody else eras in the Garfield universe, yet Odie eventually dropped his whiskers and became…well, much less puppy-like and much more spazzy. Odie additionally doesn’t obtain to have thought bubbles. That must typical something. We still remember several strips where it seems Odie is a many smarter than he allows on to Garfield.

The yes, really strange thing about Odie is that he’s not also really part of Garfield’s family. We all understand Garfield’s long-suffering master Jon, of course. Yet when Odie very first began to appear, he was the dog that Jon’s roommate Lyman. Remember that man Lyman? with the mustache? Yeah. Odie more than likely doesn’t psychic Lyman, either, but that to be the story. Lyman at some point disappeared, but Odie has been around for 35 year now. That’s one old dog. We’re proud to remember his birthday today. In fact, we far better remember his date of birth today. Garfield actually celebrates a birthday every June 19th. Odie’s birthday has actually only been stated once in the strip.

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Actual nice, Jim Davis. Anyway, let’s celebrate Odie with this brief cartoon indigenous the ’80s…