The Disney movie, Santa Buddies has actually hit the big screen again because that the Christmas Season. And as a an outcome millions of civilization will view these beautiful dogs... Plenty of for the very first time. Some of you are most likely thinking: “These dogs space so beautiful. Ns wonder what the breed is?”


We space happy come report the Santa Paws is none various other than the an excellent Pyrenees hill Dog. And Puppy Paws? Yes… he too is a great Pyrenees hill Dog puppy. In Europe the each other is described as the Pyrenean hill Dog, as well as Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees.

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A indigenous Of Caution...

Beautiful, aren"t they? yes but... BE CAREFUL. These are big (100 come 135 pounds) an effective (they fight turn off bears and also wolves) willful (they have actually been bred not to follow commands) dogs. They have to be preserved in an fastened area or ~ above a leash. They shed and also they bark... A lot... Even at night. Is that the type of dog friend want?

If so friend have come to the appropriate place. Our club and also our web site are devoted to help the an excellent Pyrenees breed and also their owners, and informing potential owners around the unique attributes of this beautiful, yet sometimes demanding dog.

What We recognize Can assist You...

We recognize these dogs incredibly well. We recognize they make impressive companions. But, they are not because that everyone.

We are so happy the Disney has actually introduced our beautiful each other to you. You may also be considering happen one right into your life. So let’s pick up where Disney left off. allow us aid you understand much more about our an excellent Pyrenees mountain Dogs for this reason you can make a well-informed decision.

Avoid A Tragic ending For Santa Buddies

Our an excellent Pyrenees Rescue Team has seen much too countless tragic endings. Tragic for the dogs... And tragic for the owners. As rescuers we assist fix tragic cases where we can. But we would certainly rather prevent them. And also what causes tragic endings? Inadequate research! have the right to you believe that in the "Information Age" people can still be uninformed? well it happens.

We are constantly amazed once we room contacted by world who did no realize the a 130 lb dog is yes, really BIG! and all that talk about shedding was no joke. They burned lots of long white hair. And also barking? the is genuine too. But somehow some people do not actually think this until they room living v it, or much more aptly, until their resides are gift overrun through a big, barking, willful, shedding dog.

So protect against a tragic ending. Invest a small time and explore our site. Actually, spend a many time on our site.

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We have lots to share with you. Our club represents thousands of years of suffer with good Pyrs. And also if you have actually questions, drop united state a keep in mind using our call form. We will certainly be happy come answer your questions and also share everything we know with you.