Chowder personalities can be uncovered in the American animated collection created by Cartoon Network Studios, Chowder. The series began in November 2007 and ran for 3 seasons, piling up 49 episodes until 2010. The series follows the everyday life the a young cook student called Chowder.

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He is passionate to learn and also become a chef at some point while learning from Mung Daal and also working because that his catering company. Chowder regularly finds self in unusual crises due to his absence of experience and focus as he learns exactly how to become a chef. Right here is a perform of the main Chowder show characters in Cartoon Networks, Chowder.


What animal is Chowder? Chowder is a purple chubby cat mix through purple hair and also a purple outfit. According to creator C. H. Greenblatt, Chowder is part cat, bear, and also rabbit. Nicky Jones is the speak voice because that Chowder.

Chowder is one apprentice under the direction of Mung Daal however eventually takes manage of the business. Chowder even lives with Mung Daal and his wife Truffles in a room above the business.


Chowder enjoys eating and also cooking. Back a good worker, that is also emotional and also sensitive. Occasionally he also eats the customer’s meals. Mung Daal’s true fan, Chowder, calls the “papa”, showing how much he values Mung together a father.

As the series comes come an finish Chowder takes over the catering business, acquires an apprentice the his own, and marries Panini.

Mung Daal

Mung Daal is the owner-chef of the catering company Chowder functions for. He is an extremely old and even celebrates 450 years of marital relationship to his wife Truffles in one episode. The is light blue in color and also has human-looking attributes with a big nose and ears. His speaking voice is produced by Dwight Schultz.


Having own his catering agency for decades, Mung Daal takes pride in his cook skills, which that takes seriously should anyone challenge them. Daal Mung is Chowder’s mentor and friend that is honest, hardworking, and also loyal.

He and also his mam Truffles also have a great relationship. Mr. Daal is an extremely serious around his mustache and also is also very good with food. He wears a distinctive style—a chef coat paired v a plaid kilt and also tall black color socks.


Shnitzel is a 38-year-old absent monster that wears an all-white apron and also works at Mung Daal’s catering company. Snitzel is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and John DiMaggio.

Shnitzel does no talk really much and also when he does he uses basic words like, “okay.” ~ calming under in the “The Trouble v Truffles” illustration he has actually a breakout performance and speaks must an ext than usual.


He is regularly deligated to clean-up duties and also heavy lifting because he is an extremely strong. The solid and naive Shnitzel quiet enjoys his work-related at Mung Daal Catering. Grasp chef Shnitzel wears double aprons due to the fact that he’s always cooking.

One episode had actually Shnitzel sporting a dreadlock format to suit the requirements of Ms. Endive. As the collection ends Shnitzel leaves the catering company and resides happily ever after with his wife Endive.

Truffles Daal

Truffles is Mung Daal’s mam who also works in the catering business. She is a mushroom pixie with purple hair, huge green eyes, and also a green dress through an overlapping mushroom hat. Truffles is voiced by Tara Strong.


A very stern and also competitive woman, Truffles Daal is very protective that Mung, that cooks through her. Truffles has insecurities about her weight. A puffy tiny mushroom sprite, Truffles is considered fat and ugly.

Although she seems harsh in ~ times, Truffles care deeply for Mung Daal and also Chowder. Creator Greenblatt claimed Truffles is based on his mother and also he discovered it an overwhelming to display a perceptible softer side of the character as soon as she is recognized to it is in so harsh.

As the series ends, Truffles retires through Mung Daal.


Gazpacho is a mild-aged wooly mammoth that wears blue shoes, blue pants, a blue shirt, a blue headband, and also suspenders. Dana Snyder gives his speaking voice.

Gazpacho is a farmer’s market businessman that sells inexplicable fruits and vegetables. Back Gazpacho is a company self-starter the still lives at house with his mother and also shows no intentionally of moving out ~ above his own.


Gazpacho talks to himself as well much. The likes pickles and also is passive-aggressive. Gazpacho is also a faithful friend the Chowder.

He frequently goes the end of his means to help Chowder as soon as he finds self in trouble. And also although Gazpacho has no children of his own, the constantly helps out youngsters in the show.

As the collection ends Gazpacho closes his farmers industry stand and also becomes a traveler before opening a comedy night club which was always his dream.


Kimchi is a irradiate brown stink cloud and also Chowder’s pet. Kimchi is voiced through creator C. H. Greenblatt. Kimchi stays in a cage beside Chowders bed and is well-known for his stinky odor.

Kimchi is very fond of other foul odors that other personalities find repulsive. As he flies, he pipeline a little gas trail. A few years ago, Chowder rescued Kimchi native an alligator.

Kimchi and also Chowder have been living with each other happily ever since and also are most likely still best buds ~ the collection ends.


Panini is a cute pink cat, bear, rabbit mix prefer Chowder v a yellow dress and yellow headband roughly the base of her big bunny ears. Liliana Mumy gives her speaking voice.

Panini has actually a to like on Chowder yet he is no interested in Panini despite her infatuation through him. Innocent, fun, impulsive, and friendly, Panini likes come cook. Return she is very kind, Panini has actually a darker side.

She is specialized to Endive even when adhering to orders method making points worse because that Chowder. Panini cares around Chowder despite this.

As the series wraps up Chowder comes around and marries Panini and also they have actually 50 children. That is likely that Panini took end Truffle’s old job when she retired.


Gorgonzola is a green rat-shaped candleholder through a brown shirt and also a green candle on top of his head. His protruding ears match his round nose, a heat of buck teeth, and long snout. That is voiced by will certainly Shadley.

Gorgonzola is often jealous the Chowder who has actually a better job in ~ the catering agency but will occupational as a team if needed. Gorgonzola is a chief apprentice come Stilton who is likewise a candle holder.

He loves to knife money and will protect against at nothing come get more cash. In his cost-free time, he also loves to play Sniffleball, which is emphasize in the episode, “Sniffleball.”

His obsession with Chowder can cause conflicts between the two. Gorgonzola can’t number out why Chowder and also Panini have actually all the fun. Gorgonzola frequently tries come take benefit of Chowder’s generosity.

Ms. Endive

Ms. Endvie is a carrot, anteater, and also elephant mix who has eco-friendly hair and also wears a red dress. She is voiced by Mindy Sterling.

Considered the villain in the series is Ms. Endive, a cunning and also snooty character. She is higher and more robust than the various other characters and also is perhaps a vicious perfectionist.

The just thing Ms. Endive wants to perform is compete versus Mung Daal. Ms. Endive and Shnitzel, top top the various other hand, space in a relationship and also eventually obtain married. Ms. Endive travel guide Panini in becoming a grasp chef.

Additional Chowder show Characters

Kiwi– is a pink creature who frequently gives advice to Chowder and his friends. The is voice by creator C. H. Greenblatt.

Ceviche– is a yellow goat who is Panini’s an excellent friend. Ceviche is voiced by Elan Garfias.

Paté– is a tall and also muscular human-like character who sings in a an extremely deep voice. John DiMaggio is the voice talent because that Paté.

Chestnut– is a little and hard imp who is blue in color who refers to himself in the third person. The is voiced by tone Loc and also John DiMaggio.

Reuben – is a pig conman who steals indigenous everyone and also voiced by Paul Reubens.

Mr. Fugu– is a floating balloon that is most likely Mung’s most loyal customer who never ever shares his food. The is voiced by Bob Joles.

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Sergent Hoagie– is a dog who works as a police officer in the neighborhood Marzipan city. He is voiced by Diedrich Bader.

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