If you"re a masculine under 30, gain ready come hear a new message: drink Mike"s difficult Lemonade is fun. Won"t do you well-known with women, won"t slake her thirst, won"t repeat you that lazing top top a remote beach, simply fun.

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Technically, Mike"s is a malt beveragelike beer. Yet then, so room Smirnoff Ice and also Skyy Blue, leveraging the surname of your hard-liquor parents to cover increase the fact that they"re just 5% alcohol. As soon as Mike"swas released in Canada, nearly 30 years ago, it yes, really did usage vodka. But theUS market is fraught through booby traps designed come hobble the sales of beverage alcohol, and also it just made much more sense for Mike"s, once it made decision to court drinkerssouth of the 49th parallel, to use un flavored malt liquor as the base for its signature hard Lemonade.

It was part of one explosive new category dubbed FMB, flavored malt beverages, whichoriginated in the 1990s. Producer realized the a malt-based beverage, regardless of flavor, was taxed at the same rate as beer (five cent for a 12-ounce deserve to or bottle), whereas wine coolers would pay double that rate and also spirit-based beverages a lot as ten time that rate (depending on the percentage of alcohol).

Well, Mike"s has actually had good success. The original arrangement had them collection up a headquarters in Seattle, come take advantage of the pool of an imaginative talent; currently they"re in Chicago for logistical reasons. They"re likewise up to a dozen flavors, and also the Mike"s difficult Lemonade brand has doubled that is business due to the fact that 2009. It was the fastest-growing "beer" company in the country last year, follow to the Chicago-based study firm IRI.

On Monday the company announced it would certainly pivot that marketing efforts. Now that the has developed a strong following amongst its original target audience of casual drinkers, says VP Marketing Sanjiv Gajiwala, Mike"s will hyper-focus top top the extremely sought-after "millennial males" in the 25-29 year age group.

In its new campaign, Mike"s will shiftthe an imaginative content from "celebrating the occasion" v Mike’s hard Lemonade to the feel ("pure happiness") the the customer will feel as soon as drinking it. The slogan will certainly be Mike’s hard Lemonade lets civilization “Drink top top the shining Side.”

Gajiwala claimed the rational was that "We’re life in a time full of a most negativity, andlemonade is an inherently happy flavor." native there, the conclusion was: it’s stunner to think aboutsad people drinkingMike’s.

"Mike’s is the only brand in alcohol beverage that is exclusively around happiness," Gajiwala claimed in an e-mail statement. "By owning the happy emotion you experience as soon as drinking a tough lemonade, we’rehavinga conversation and also an communication with our consumers that’s relevant to them."

Four new, 15-second point out were created by The Annex in Chicago, a shop "powered by" the Havas agency. They attribute young males opened a party of Mike"s and also being engulfed in a light of happiness. They will certainly run top top Comedy Central, Viceland,FOX Sports and FX,allpopular networksamong millennials. Videos can likewise be perceived on YouTube and Hulu.

A Havas spokeswoman decreased to disclose thecampaign spend.

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