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y intercept of 5x+2y=-8 0 voteswhat is the y intercept for the graph the 5x+2y=-8.graphing-linear-equationsy-interceptaskedMar 11, 2014in ALGEBRA 2by skylarApprentice
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Write the equation in slope-intercept type y = mx + b, whereby m is slope and b is y - intercept.

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The equation is 5x + 2y = - 8

Subtract 5x from every side.

2y = - 8 - 5x

Divide every side by 2.

y = - (5/2)x - 4.

Compare the equation through slope - intercept type y = mx + b.

slope = -5/2 and y - intercept is - 4.

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y - intercept is - 4, so the line crosses the y-axis in ~ (0, - 4).

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