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The yes, really physical setting for Sophocles"s Antigone is the theater of Dionysus, located on southern side the the Acropolis in Athens. This is the same place that the dram of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, and also other Greek playwrights of the sixth and also fifth centuries BCE were an initial performed.

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The actual physical setting for Sophocles"s Antigone is the theater of Dionysus, located on southern side the the Acropolis in Athens. This is the same ar that the plays of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, and other Greek playwrights that the sixth and also fifth century BCE were an initial performed.

In the theater, there is a circular area, the orchestra, around sixty feet in diameter, in which most of the action of the pat occurs. Since an old Greek beat is essentially a religious lesson, there is an altar, the thymele, in the facility of the orchestra, around which the chorus sings and also dances.

The orchestra is in former of the skene building, originally a temple, i m sorry is where the key actors enter and also exit.

On either side of the skene structure is a passageway, the parados, where the chorus proceeds in and also out.

The audience sits in the theatron, which was initially rows of wood benches collection into the hillside of the Acropolis and also arranged about three-fourths the the means around the orchestra. The wood benches were later replaced with rock seating.

The theatron was expanded over time until it seated an audience that upwards that 16,000 spectators.

The setting for Antigone itself is lot the very same as the is for other old Greek plays: "In prior of... Something." because that Sophocles"s Oedipus Rex and also Antigone, the setting is "In former of the palace at Thebes." The setup of Euripides"s Medea is "In former of Medea"s home in Corinth." The settings of the theatre in Aeschylus"s Oresteia trilogy space "In front of the palace of Agamemnon in Argos" (Agamemnon), "In prior of the dig of Agamemnon, In prior of the royal residence at Argos," (The Libation Bearers), and "In former of the temple of Apollo at Delphi," (Eumenides).

Greek dram of the sixth and also fifth centuries rarely changed setup within the plays themselves. The theater of Dionysus had actually no system for changing scenes, and the skene structure served nicely together the various palaces, temples, and also tombs in front of i m sorry the plays to be enacted.

The definition of the settings of these various plays is the the plays occur in a publicly place and also in prior of important buildings where rulers and subjects have the right to gather and be seen. This imparts a seriousness the purpose and also a heightened feeling of prominence to the action of the play, and it improves the high-born status of the significant characters in the play.

Antigone is the daughter that Oedipus and the sister of Polyneices and also Eteocles, all previous kings of Thebes, and also Antigone is the niece of Creon, the current king that Thebes. Antigone is perfect at home in the courtyard in front of the royal residence at Thebes.

The setup of Antigone also emphasizes the occasions which emerged in Oedipus Rex and also which bring Antigone come the present action of the play.

The palace at Thebes is whereby Antigone and also her brothers, Polyneices and also Eteocles, and also her sister, Ismene, were born to their father/brother, Oedipus, and also their mother/grandmother, Jocasta. Jocasta cursed suicide and also Oedipus blinded himself within the wall surfaces of this palace. Polyneices and Eteocles shared a throne here, and also they fought a civil war and killed each various other over that exact same throne.

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More 보다 the setup for most old Greek plays, the setup of Antigone is an especially evocative of the history of the location itself and also of the occasions which occurred here and which bring Antigone come this necessary crossroads in her life.