Ratio states that it is a relationship between two things when it is expressed in numbers or amounts.

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i,e a to b = a: b =


Given : The given ratio 15 : 75

by definition of ratio,


Divide both numerator and denominator by 15 we get;




Or we can write this ratio as 1 : 5.

Also, check that we can"t divide any more numbers into both terms other than 1.

Therefore, the ratio 15 : 75 in lowest term is, 1 : 5

A supervisor wants to know the average number of hours worked by employees in a factory. There are 18 managers, 240 laborers, an

Each day, an. Investor deposits twice as much into the bank as she did the day before. Her initial investment is $4


"Evaluation" mostly means "simplifying an expression down to a single numerical value".

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Sometimes you will be given a numerical expression, where all you have to do is simplify; that is more of an order-of-operations kind of question

example: So let we are given a polynomial function as:

and we are aksed to evaluate this polynomial at

Then the value of the polynomial will be:


Hence on evaluating the polynomial function f(x) at

we get the value of the polynomial function as