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A Molex connector is a lingo term provided to describe a type of connector provided in microcomputers. The Molex connector to be designed by Molex. Molex is a large electronic ingredient manufacturing firm founded in 1938. They greatly deal in the manufacture of plugs and also sockets. NB/ The surname Molex connector is used because Molex was among the first companies to do this kind of connector. This does not average that there room no various other companies making the connector. In practice, compatible connectors are easily accessible from myriad manufacturers such together AMP and Delphi, not simply Molex. The name simply stuck.
The Molex connector has actually a very straightforward design. The connector has a nylon plug and receptacle; consist of of a two item pin and also socket link to which four wires are attached. One piece of the two piece pin and also socket design consists of metal pins if the other piece consists of metal sockets. The pins and the sockets top top the end of a Molex connector are held in ar by nylon shells and aligned 5.088 mm personally in a kind of rectangular matrix depending upon the application. These shells can be i ordered it to support all over from two to fifteen circuits. The wires covers a yellow wire, 2 black wires and a red wire. The conventional pin the end is as presented below. Color FUNCTIONYellow 12 voltsBlack GroundRed 5 voltsThe connector is polarized and designed in a method that renders it difficult to plug that in incorrectly. The connector that gives power has actually female pins and a male housing while the connector the receives power has male pins and also a mrs housing. The connectors are qualified of up to 10 amperes. The function of the housing is to host the terminals and protect them indigenous shorting, dust, dirt, moisture, and also electrical interference. The terminal pins at the same time are what command the current. The Molex connector is provided for power relations for a disk drive in a computer as well as for other computer system components such as CD-ROM"s, graphic cards etc. The Molex connectors bring DC strength to the drives inside a computer case. One computer can have several Molex connectors. The largest of the Molex connectors ~ above a computer power supply is well-known as the ATX connector, or the Mini-Fit Jr. This connector can function twenty or twenty four various pins, relying on the age of the power supply and also the motherboard it will affix to. As computer an innovation has advanced, therefore too has the Molex Mini-Fit Jr. Connector"s shape and also size. Benefits of the Molex connector * They make it simpler to assemble different components. * They ease repairs because if the connector fails, it can quickly be replaced. * They allow for upgrades. * They enable for architecture flexibility.Drawbacks connected with the Molex connector * high value * may not it is in widely accessible * Cumbersome to remove because they carry out not lock into position making use of a latch. * The Molex connector has a expectation of about 5 year only.
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