The most an effective and effective piece ~ above the chess plank is nonetheless, the queen. The Queen host the most value (a total of 9 points) ~ above the chessboard since she can control up come a best of 26 squares.

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The position of the queen is next to the king; the white queen starts turn off standing on a white square and the black queen on a black square. The queen is allowed to move in any kind of direction and also take as plenty of moves together she likes. This renders her extremely powerful and fear so that is extremely crucial that you safeguard your queen as much as feasible and not permit any harm to concerned her.

She have the right to win girlfriend the game in no time, detailed you use her come her complete potential. The queen is a hybrid and also has the diagonal power of the bishop and also the straight-line strike of the rook. She go not relocate like the knight, i beg your pardon is her just drawback.

Why Is The Queen therefore Powerful?

The queen is so powerful because she can move in any direction in a right line. This includes up, down, sideways and also diagonally. And, as previously mentioned, she can regulate up come 26 squares native the center of the board . The queen is most powerful in the endgame and also middlegame, but not so much in the opening.

The factor for this is due to the fact that in the opening, the queen is often tossed roughly and an important tempo is loss. In chess, tempo is regarded the time bring away to construct your pieces. Sometimes if you are not careful, you can lose her queen as beforehand in the opened stage. Therefore, it’s finest not to bring out your queen too early and also instead focusing on emerging your young pieces and finish castle.

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How an useful Is your Queen?

The queen is so an important that if you lose it, the game is lost theoretically and also you can just resign. ~ above the contrary, you have the right to still lose your queen and also have just about a win position. For example trading her queen for three minor piece is an ideal strategy particularly in the endgame.

If you have three boy pieces versus your opponent single queen, you stand great chances of winning because your pieces have the right to work harmoniously to attain a certain goal. It would be harder because that your enemy thou, due to the fact that the queen really has no one to occupational with. Below are some scenarios when its it s okay to trade your queen:

Trade your queen because that 2 rooksTrade her queen for 3 minor piece (minor pieces are simply bishops and also knights)Sacrifice her queen because that a concrete mating attack

For more information around the strength of the queen, See exactly how does the queen move in chess?