Molality= mol/ Kgif us assume that we have 1 kg of water, we have actually 3.19 moles of solute. the formula because that mole portion --> mole fraction= mol the solule/ mol the solution1) if we have actually 1 kg of water i m sorry is very same as 1000 grams the water. 2) we need to convert grams to moles making use of the molar massive of water molar massive of H₂O= (2 x 1.01) + 16.0 = 18.02 g/mol1000 g (1 mol/ 18.02 grams)= 55.5 mol3) mole that solution= 55.5 moles + 3.19 moles= 58.7 mole of solution4) mole fraction= 3.19 / 58.7= 0.0543

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