Lesson goals demonstrate the capability to construct a number line for the whole numbersLearn about the subtraction procedure with totality numbers.Learn exactly how to brand the parts of a subtraction difficulty as subtrahend, minuend, and differenceLearn exactly how to subtract two whole numbers using a number line.

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What is Subtraction? individually is the mathematical operation of taking away and also is normally accompanied by "-" (the individually symbol). The main idea is to discover out exactly how much is left after one amount is taken far from another. Individually is the opposite operation of addition. The subtraction operation is normally the second operation we find out in elementary school school, after ~ mastering addition. Let"s think around the subtraction principle using an example. Expect we started out v 6 boxes:
Now, let"s intend we wanted to take away or subtract far 2 boxes. How countless boxes would certainly be left? We might simply cross out 2 boxes and count what remains:
We can see native our snapshot above the we have 4 boxes remaining. This example can be analyzed into the individually problem: 6 - 2=4. There room three parts to a individually problem: Minuend - the beginning amount or leftmost numberSubtrahend - the amount gift taken or subtracted far from the minuend. This will certainly be the number that comes ~ the subtraction symbolDifference - the an outcome of the subtraction operation. We start with the minuend and subtract away the subtrahend, the result is the differenceUsing our example, we would certainly label the 6 together the minuend. This was the starting number of boxes. The 2 would be ours subtrahend. This was the variety of boxes the we eliminated or subtracted away. The 4 would be the difference. This is the result of individually 2 away from 6.
notification how working backward will provide us a related enhancement problem:4 + 2=6. In various other words, the difference included to the subtrahend will give us our minuend back. This need to make perfect sense. If we begin with an amount such as 6 and we take away an amount such as 2, the result is 4. If we reverse the process and begin with 4, and also then include back the 2 that was bring away away, us will finish up with 6 again. When we very first learn to subtract, we use counting and also related addition problems, until we deserve to memorize the single-digit individually facts. When these room known, we can use the process of vertical subtraction to subtract with numbers that are as large as we would like.

Subtracting whole Numbers making use of a Number Line

remind that we learned how to perform addition with whole numbers making use of a number line. The same can be done for subtraction. Again, this procedure may seem trivial now, however it will aid tremendously as soon as we conference the enhancement and individually of integers. Prior to we dive into number heat subtraction, let"s recall that enhancement is commutative:3 + 4=7 4 + 3=7 changing the order of the addends walk not adjust the sum. This is no true through subtraction. 7 - 4=3 4 - 7 ≠ 3 The main allude to understand is that the order matters once we subtract, so over there is no commutative residential or commercial property for subtraction.

individually on a Number Line

top top the number line, start at the leftmost variety of the subtraction trouble (the minuend)Move come the left by the variety of units being subtracted away (subtrahend) Recall the numbers boost moving come the right. Notification how through number line enhancement we relocated right, together the enhancement of 2 non-zero entirety numbers results in a bigger number. The contrary is now true for subtraction. This procedure is acquisition away, for this reason the subtraction of one non-zero totality number from an additional will an outcome in a smaller sized number. This method we will move left ~ above the number line. Let"s take it a look at a few examples: example 1: Subtract 9 - 5, utilizing the number line.

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begin out in ~ the number 9, the leftmost variety of the individually problemMove to the left by 5, the number of units being subtracted awayWe end up in ~ 4, which is our answer9 - 5=4 example 2: Subtract 15 - 8, making use of the number line.
begin out in ~ the number 15, the leftmost number of the subtraction problemMove to the left by 8, the number of units being subtracted awayWe end up at 7, which is our answer15 - 8=7 an abilities Check:

Example #1