(II) What is the minimum work essential to push a 950-kg car 710 m up along a 9.0$^circ$ incline? overlook friction.

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Good day. In this question, we will be resolving for the rest work needed to press The 950 kg auto so we understand that appropriate is equal to the force of light times the these studs. Due to the fact that we are given an inclination our force applied here. Yes, same to the mass. This gravitational acceleration sign of the angle given angle of ankle inclination, therefore substituting these to work. We have actually work. It to be F. D. We have actually break it to be MG. Authorize data. The therefore we have actually the must provided is 950 killer grounds time the gravitational acceleration of 9.81 m per 2nd squared authorize nine degrees times the distance of 710 m. Thus the occupational we need is same to one x 04. To recognize the six. You excellent me 3 or one x 04 times. Was standing to the six joe's. Say thanks to you.





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