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A geometric figure which is formed by 7 straight lines by joining together but the lines should not cross each other, each of two lines meet at a point and form a vertex. So 7 sided polygon has 7 sides and 7 vertices 7 sided polygon is known as heptagon.Types of polygon: -· Equilateral polygon is the geometric shapes which consists of all the same sides. For example rhombus is an equilateral polygon because all sides of rhombus are equal.·Equiangular polygon is the figure when all angles are same. For example rectangle is an equiangular polygon because all angles of rectangle are equal to 90 degrees.·Regular polygon are those figures whose all sides and angles are equal like equilateral triangle and square are the examples of regular polygon.Formula of regular polygon· Sum of interior angle= 180 x (n – 2)· Each interior angle = 180 x (n – 2) / n· Sum of exterior angle = 360 degrees· Each exterior angle =360 / n· Number of diagonal = n x (n -3) / 2· Number of triangles = (n – 2)Where n= length of each side of a regular polygon.Question: - Find the single exterior angle of a 7 sided polygon.Solution: -Each exterior angel =360 / n = 360 / 7 = 51.43 degrees (approximately).Question 2: - Find the number of diagonals of 7 sided polygon.

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Solution: - Number of diagonal = n x (n -3) / 2 = 7 x (7 – 3) / 2 = 7x4/2 = 7x2 = 14There are 14 diagonals in a 7 sided polygon.

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