Giraffes room the tallest pets of all.They have actually long legs and long necks.They eat the pipeline of tall trees.A giraffe has actually a long tongue to assist pick leaves.Giraffes carry out not drink lot water.

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What are they?

Giraffes room tall mammals, with lengthy legs and neck. They space the tallest soil animals. Males can flourish to virtually five and a half metres tall, and females to practically five metres tall.


Giraffes room ungulates, or hoofed animals. Over there are around 9 different sub-species, or breeds, of giraffe. There space only little differences between them.

When giraffes the two various sub-species breed, the young are dubbed hybrids (mixed breeds).

Distribution and Habitat (where they space found)

Giraffes are found in mmsanotherstage2019.components of Africa.They live ~ above the savannah, i beg your pardon is the african grasslands, and also light woodlands with plenty the acacia trees, i beg your pardon is their preferred food.They perform not live in thick woodlands where the is difficult to watch predators such as lions approaching.

Body and also Behaviours


Giraffes have actually horns referred to as ossicones. These are fur-covered bump on your skulls, uneven the horns of various other animals. Ossicones are part of the skull quite than attachments that grow on it.

A giraffe’s skull is make of lighter bone than other bones, with air holes so the it look at a little like pumice stone. If the skull was heavy bone, the giraffe would certainly have difficulty holding that up at the finish of the long neck.

There are seven bones in their necks, the same as in ours. Your neck skeletal are significantly larger and heavier though.


The giraffe’s hard skin has quick fur and also is blotched in patterns of browns and also yellows. Not just do the various subspecies have distinct patterns, no 2 giraffe have the same pattern. Of every the subspecies, the reticulated giraffes have the clearest, many distinctive blotches.

Giraffes’ long legs mean they take huge steps when they walk or run. One step deserve to be about 5 metres long. They can run an extremely fast,reaching speed of about nearly 60 km per hour.

Because the their lengthy legs and also short bodies, giraffes move in different ways from other four legged animals. They relocate the 2 legs ~ above one side of the body forward, climate the 2 legs ~ above the various other side. This keeps them native tripping over.

Big heart!

Because of their 2 m long necks, giraffes require big, strong hearts to pump blood all the method up to the brain. A giraffe love is the greatest of any kind of animal’s, weighing around 11 kg. There are special valves in the neck arteries therefore that once the giraffe bends that is neck down, the blood doesn’t rush to that head,and as soon as the head is raised again, the blood no rush ago down to the heart. Such rapid transforms in blood pressure would do a giraffe faint.

The giraffe has actually high blood pressure since the blood circulation has to go 2m greater than the heart to reach the brain. The skin ~ above the legs below the knee is tight, otherwise high blood pressure would reason a giraffe’s ankles mmsanotherstage2019.come swell.

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Although giraffes are relaxed animals,they will defend themselves from lions,leopards and hyenas which strike the young, and sometimes adult giraffes.Giraffes space able mmsanotherstage2019.come deliver an effective kicks with any type of of their four, strong,heavy legs,and a well placed kick deserve to kill a lion.