Bromine pentafluoride is a pale yellow shade liquid v the chemistry formula BrF5. The is an interhalogen compound provides as a fluorinating reagent. That is provided in various rockets and chemicals.

In this article, we will study BrF5 lewis dot structure, molecular geometry, polar or non-polar, that hybridization, etc.

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BrF5 is an extremely toxic to inhale and severely corrosive come the skin. Long-term exposure to this can cause liver fail or kidney damage. It have the right to explode upon contact with organic materials. 

Properties the Bromine pentafluoride

It can react with water.It is a an effective oxidizer the can reason severe hazards.It has a molar fixed of 174.894 g.mol−1.It has actually a boiling point of 40.25 °C and also a melting suggest of −61.30 °C.
Name that MoleculeBromine pentafluoride
Chemical formulaBrF5
Molecular geometry the BrF5Square pyramidal
Electron geometry of BrF5Octahedral
Bond angle90º
Total Valence electron for BrF542
The formal fee of BrF50

Page Contents present
1 exactly how to attract BrF5 lewis framework
2 monitor some measures for illustration the lewis dot framework of BrF5
3 What space the electron and also molecular geometry that BrF5
4 follow three actions to discover BrF5 molecular geometry
5 Bromine pentafluoride polarity: is BrF5 polar or nonpolar
6 What is the formal fee in BrF5 lewis structure and also how to calculation it?
8 summary

How to draw BrF5 lewis structure

BrF5 lewis’s framework is a small bit complex than other molecules due to the fact that some exceptional cases will happen for illustration it like broadened octet. However don’t worry, simply follow with me to draw this in a very straightforward way.

BrF5 lewis period structure has actually 1 bromine and also 5 fluorine atom. Over there is one lone pair current on bromine and also it is associated with 5 fluorine atoms v the assist of five solitary bonds. 

Follow some steps for drawing the lewis dot framework of BrF5

1. Count full valence electron in BrF5

In the very an initial step, we need to determine how countless valence electrons are obtainable for BrF5. A valence electron is the outermost covering electron associated with one atom. The is represented as dots in the lewis diagram.

For finding the valence electron that BrF5, look out the periodic team of every atom existing in it. We understand both bromine and fluorine belong come the halogen family that is the 17th group in the routine table.

So, the valence electron because that bromine is 7 and for fluorine, it is also 7 together both belonging to the same group in the routine table.

⇒ full valence electron of Fluorine = 7

⇒ total valence electron of Bromine = 7

∴ total valence electron accessible for BrF5 lewis structure = 7 + 7*5 = 42 electrons  <∴BrF5 has actually 5 fluorine atom and also 1 bromine >


2. Find the least electronegative atom and also placed it at center

In this step, we have actually to uncover the the very least electronegative atom in BrF5 for placing at its facility in the lewis diagram. As electronegativity boost from left to appropriate in the periodic table and decreases from height to bottom in periodic groups.

So, bromine is less electronegative than fluorine. Also, Fluorine is the many electronegative facet in chemistry therefore it have the right to never it is in a main atom in any type of lewis diagram.

Therefore, placed bromine at the facility in the lewis diagram and fluorine spaced evenly approximately it.


3. Connect outer atom to central atom v a solitary bond

In this step, connect all outer atoms (Fluorine) come the central atom(Bromine) with the assist of a solitary bond.


Now counting how countless valence electrons we provided in the above BrF5 framework till now. Together we provided 5 single bonds to attach each bromine come a fluorine atom and also one link contain 2 electrons.

So, 5 single bonds mean 10 electrons we supplied from the full of 42 valence electrons available for BrF5 lewis structure.

∴ (42 – 10) = 32 valence electron

We space still left v 32 valence electron more.

4. Location remaining valence electrons starting from outer atom first

In lewis’s diagram, we constantly start putting valence electron from the external atom first. So, put the continuing to be valence electron approximately each fluorine atom first.

Fluorine requirements 8 electrons in that outermost shell to complete its octet. And each fluorine already sharing 2 electrons through the assist of a solitary bond.

So, simply put 6 electrons approximately each fluorine atom.


As you see, we have placed 30 electrons represented as a dot about the fluorine atoms in the over structure. So, each fluorine comfortable completes that is octet as all fluorine atoms have 8 electron in their valence shell.

Now again counting how many valence electrons are supplied till now with the assist of the over structure.

30 electrons stood for as dots in the above structure and also 5 solitary bonds that each save 2 electrons. So, 30 + 10 = 40 valence electrons.

So, from the total 42 valence electron available for the BrF5 lewis structure, we used 40 electron till now.

Still, we room left v 2 valence electrons more.

5. Complete main atom octet and also use covalent link if necessary

We know, bromine is the main atom and also it is associated with 5 solitary bonds to the fluorine atoms. It way it currently sharing 10 electrons v the help of 5 solitary bonds.

So, bromine is violating the preeminence of the octet together it has much more than 8 electrons roughly it. 

In chemistry, an atom that holds an ext than 8 electrons about them falls into the classification of the broadened octet state.

Fluorine can never ever holds much more than 8 electrons around it. So, location those 2 remaining valence electrons roughly the bromine main atom together it is play the role of expanded octet here.


BrF5 lewis dot structure

So, after utilizing all valence electrons and also completing each atom octet, we acquired our steady Bromine pentafluoride lewis structure.

What are the electron and molecular geometry the BrF5

According come the VSEPR theory, the molecule geometry that BrF5 is square pyramidal and its electron geometry is octahedral since bromine being the central atom has 5 bonds connected with neighboring fluorine atoms. Each F-Br-F link making an edge of 90º in the same plane. As four fluorine is in the same aircraft so they make square planar.

And one fluorine is present above the plane. After connecting upper fluorine to square planar, it holds the pyramidal-like geometry.

So, the all at once molecular geometry of BrF5 is square pyramidal. And also after considering the impact of lone pair also present on central atom climate the geometry the BrF5 end up being octahedral i m sorry is also called electron geometry.


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Let’s see exactly how to uncover the molecule geometry of BrF5 step by step.

Follow three steps to uncover BrF5 molecule geometry

1. Discover the number of lone pairs present on the main atom the the BrF5 lewis period structure

Here we require to determine how plenty of lone pairs room on the main atom of the BrF5 lewis structure since the lone pair is mainly responsible for the distortion of form in the molecule.

To find the lone pair top top the central atom of any kind of molecule use the formula offered below.

∴ L.P = (V.E. – N.A.)/2

⇒ L.P. = Lone pair top top the central atom

⇒ V.E. = valence electron the that main atom

⇒ N.A. = number of atoms attached come that central atom

∴ So, in the instance of BrF5, bromine i m sorry is the main atom has actually 7 valence electrons and 5 atoms attached to it.

Put these worths in the above formula-

So, L.P. = (7 – 5)/2

= 1 is the lone pair existing on the central atom of the BrF5 lewis period structure.

2. Discover hybridization number of BrF5

Now we need to determine what is the hybridization number of BrF5.

Here’s the formula for this-

∴ H = N.A. + L.P.

where H = hybridization number

N.A. = number of atoms attached to the main atom

L.P. = lone bag on that main atom

So, bromine is a central atom that has actually 5 fluorine atom attached come it and it includes one lone pair.

∴ H = 5 + 1

 = 6 is the hybridization variety of BrF5 that method it has actually Sp³d² hybridization.

Hybridization number also called steric number.

Steric numberHybridization

3. Use AXN an approach to recognize BrF5 molecular shape

Generally, the AXN technique is provided when VSEPR concept is used to recognize the form of any type of molecule.


AXN notation monitor as-

A represents the main atom.X to represent the bonded bag of electron to the main atom.N to represent the lone bag of electrons on the central atom

With the help of the BrF5 lewis structure, we understand bromine is the central atom that has 5 bonded bag of electrons and also one lone pair.

∴ The share formula for BrF5 is AX5N1.

So, follow to the VSEPR chart, if the molecule has an AX5N1 generic formula then the molecular geometry for that molecule will certainly be square pyramidal, and electron geometry is octahedral.


Molecular geometry of BrF5

Bonded atomsLone pairGeneric formulaHybridizationMolecular geometryElectron geometry
30AX3Sp²Trigonal planarTrigonal planar
21AX2NSp²BentTrigonal planar
12AXN2Sp²LinearTrigonal planar
31AX3N1Sp³Trigonal pyramidTetrahedral
32AX3N2Sp³dT-shapedTrigonal bipyramidal
51AX5NSp³d²Square pyramidalOctahedral

BrF5 is a polar molecule due to the fact that of its asymmetric form as it causes unequal fee distribution about atoms the make it challenging to cancel out the dipole along with them which eventually gives part net dipole moment for it, thus it renders the overall structure of BrF5 is polar.

Any molecule that has actually some network dipole moment falls into the category of the polar molecule and also if zero dipole moment existing in the molecule climate it lies in the nonpolar molecule categories.

The existence of lone pair on the main atom in the BrF5 molecule cause distortion in its geometry together lone cause repulsion in between lone pair and bond pair. And for this reason, a negative charge is not distributed equally around the molecule.

Also, the electronegativity difference between the atom plays a huge duty to predict even if it is a molecule is polar or non-polar. Greater the difference of electronegativity between the two different atoms an ext is the strength of polarity in between them.

The electronegativity that bromine is 2.96 and for fluorine, the is 3.98. The distinction of electronegativity in between these is higher than 0.5, that present they do polar covalent bond.

As every the Pauling scale, if the distinction of electronegativity between the atoms is better than 0.5 climate they behave together polar.

What is the formal charge in BrF5 lewis structure and also how to calculate it?

The official charge normally represents the actual charge on an separation, personal, instance atom of any molecule. We will uncover the formal charge on the central atom that the BrF5 i m sorry is bromine.

To calculate the officially charge. Use this equation:

Formal charge = (Valence electrons – lone pair electrons – 1/2 bonded electrons)

So, for bromine, we have 7 valence electrons, 2 lone pair electrons, and 10 bonding electrons(5 single bonds attached come fluorine)

Now put these values in the above formula

∴ (7 – 2 – 10/2)

= 0 is the formal charge on bromine in the BrF5 molecule.


How numerous sharing electron are current in the BrF5 lewis period structure?

Sharing electrons is electrons that are available for make the chemistry bond. As in the BrF5 lewis structure, bromine is sharing 5 bonds that contain 10 electrons v fluorine atoms. Also, one lone pair is existing on bromine however they room not-shareable electrons. Thus we will certainly not counting it.

So, the total number of sharing electrons existing in the BrF5 dot framework is 10.

Why walk BrF5 lewis’s framework violate the octet rule?

Generally, the octet ascendancy said one atom is most stable as soon as it has actually 8 electrons around it, much more than this one atom is dubbed a member of the hypervalent link or recognized as increased octet.

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So, in the situation of Bromine pentafluoride lewis’s structure, bromine holds much more than 8 electrons roughly it for making the bond v fluorine atoms present surrounding it.