Want to take up a food in Arts yet do no know precisely what to in reality take up? inspect out the difference between Fine Arts and also Applied Arts, the eligibility criteria and also admission process.

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When it pertains to taking increase Fine Arts together a degree, students regularly get confused. Is well Arts and Applied art the same? Or what is the difference between visual arts and also fine arts? mmsanotherstage2019.com defines the difference in between fine arts and applied arts so the you don’t have any kind of further difficulties when it comes to taking increase a course.

What is the difference between Fine Arts and Applied Arts?

The difference between fine arts and applied arts is the work created and also made. While well Arts encounters a freehand approach, applied Arts encounters technicality and also materialized work. For an ext information ~ above the 2 arts, you can take a look at the 2 arts meaning, admission process and the working of every field.

What is fine Arts?

Fine art is a form of art which faces the aesthetic value. Well Arts deals with the study of drawing, sculpture, painting, literature, pottery, printmaking, ceramics, and also murals. Candidates who have actually an artistic side, deserve to pursue a Bachelor’s in fine Arts, i beg your pardon are available by plenty of universities and colleges in India. With technology advancing in every field, creativity and also innovativeness take it a whole new level. Under good arts, the following tasks come into play:






Tempera painting


Oil painting


Watercolour painting



Pen and Ink






Wood carving


If a candidate desires to seek a Bachelor in fine Arts, the duration of the course is typically three-years. Candidates can pursue BFA together a permanent course or part-time as well. Aspirants can pick an area they specialization to fine-tune their an abilities and enhance their creativity.

Eligibility: student who room interested in taking up a Bachelor in good Arts, require to meet the eligibility criteria as set by universities. The an easy criteria is the a student demands to have secured a minimum of 50% marks native a well-known school.

Admission Process: The admission procedure is such that students who are interested in a university or university, will have to apply online. While part universities and colleges approve admission ~ above the communication of merit and also scores secured, some colleges conduct entrance exams. A couple of entrance exams which are conducted for BFA room as follows:

Colleges offering BFA

Rabindra Bharati university (RBU)

Banaras Hindu university (BHU)

DOT institution of Design

Chandigarh University

Lovely experienced University (LPU)

College of fine Arts

University the Mumbai

More Colleges >>

What is applied Arts?

One thing students must understand, that used arts is regularly mistaken because that fine arts, yet there is a thin line which separates the two. While fine Arts faces the traditional imaginative field, used arts transaction with imagination which is commercialized and also materialised such as architecture, graphics designing, interior designing, fashion designing and much more. The creativity applied here is the a student renders a product or a business soothing come the eyes. However, the creativity is much more sophisticated and also technical rather than the totally free hand in good Arts. Applied Arts incorporate the complying with works:

Industrial design

Fashion design

Interior design

Graphics Art

Decorative Arts








Mosaic Art


With applied arts, a student has to undergo training to gain knowledge come grab the nuances of used art. Students require to have actually the required skills in order to excel in the ar of arts. The creativity, innovativeness, originality, vision and ingenuity demands to flow from within.

Eligibility: before a candidate can begin the admission process in a college, the student requirements to accomplish the eligibility criteria set by the universities. With used arts being a vocational course, candidates will require to have secured a minimum the 50% native a well-known school.

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Admission Process: there are assorted institutes which sell BFA in applied arts. Students who are interested will require to use online. While some universities provide admission on the communication of merit, some universities and also colleges command entrance exams.